Hold up – I woke up this morning and suddenly I’m in my 30’s! When I was a young lass, I imagined my life at 30 to be so different than it is now, and I have to say that the real one is much sweeter than I could have imagined back then. I am so excited to be entering a new decade and for all the wonderful things life has in store. I’m off to celebrate with a weekend in Vegas with lots of glitter and sequins in tow. What could be better?

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  1. Happy Birthday!! 30 is the best decade :)

  2. Happy birthday!! Love the images in this post too.

  3. Happy birthday! I hope I feel the same when in a couple years when I hit 30. To me, it’s much less about age and more about accomplishments. So, I better get cracking! Have a wonderful (sparkly) weekend!

    Rebecca (hearts)…

  4. Happy Birthday to my BESTIE!!! Love you so much and miss you terribly! I hope you are having a fantastic celebration and I can’t wait to see the outfit post!! :)

  5. Happy Birthday, lovely! Have a fabulous celebration weekend! xo

  6. Happy Birthday! I will say that my thirties have been amazing and far better than I could have imagined. Have fun in Vegas (please share pictures of what I know will be a fabulous birthday weekend!)

  7. peggy hanson 02/02/2012 Reply

    Happy Birthday, glitter girl. You are the very best.
    The 30’s are the best until you reach the 40’s, but really the 50’s and 60’s are the very best. Have a fantastic weekend. Loads of love darling.

  8. Happy Birthday!! I have to say so far 30 had been great and I am sure you will continue to feel it is! Have a blast in Vegas!

  9. Aw happy Birthday! I turned 30 in December and it’s definitely not as bad as I thought when I was 15. And your thirties are supposed to be the best decade so bring it on really.

  10. We need pictures!!! :)

  11. Happy Birthday!!

  12. Happy very belated Birthday! All the best wishes to you!

  13. Hoping your birthday was delightful! I know, when we’re young, we have a completely different idea of how it will actually feel when we are a few years older … lucky for us, I think we only get better with each decade!!! Here’s to hoping you had a blast! ~xoSM

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

  14. wow absolutely blown away with your amazing touch for fashion! keep it up i’ll be watching :) and trying to keep up with these trends! ;)

  15. Happy belated birthday!! I turn 30 next month! …I still feel 21 *shrug*