32 / The Life StyledThis Sunday was my 32nd birthday. When I see the number written out I can’t even believe it because in my head I’m about 25, which I’ve been saying for a good 6 years now. Is it possible for us to mentally level off at a certain age? Either way, I’ve definitely learned that the years don’t mean what we thought they did when we were 18 making plans for the future. Since I became an official adult, I’ve learned that there’s a deep connection with our youth that we will always have no matter how old we become, and we can use it however it serves us best – in our style choices, sense of adventure, taste in music, or life passions. So on this birthday the hubs and I used our youthfulness by eating whatever the heck we wanted at brunch at MB Post in Manhattan Beach (new favorite brunch spot hands down!), followed by a plethora of cloud cakes from Bo Nuage, a little shopping, a little Super Bowl, and a ridiculous dinner at Tasting Kitchen. I wore an appropriate “all about me” sweater which I snatched up at Sarah‘s Madewell event last week, leather leggings, a high school throwback jacket, and my new T-rex ring (a give from a dear friend who shares the same birthday and clearly knows me all too well). It was the most perfect day and I’m excited to see what lays ahead for 32.

32 / The Life Styled
32 / The Life Styled
32 / The Life Styled
32 / The Life Styled
32 / The Life Styled
32 / The Life StyledForever21 varsity jacket (similar) / Madewell ‘ Moi’ pullover / Helmut Lang leather leggings / Seychelles booties (c/o) / H&M fringe bag (similar) / Luv AJ ombré chain necklace / J.Crew necklace (similar) / Celine sunglasses / Designosaur T-rex ring

Photography by Ian Sheppard


  1. i LOVE this outfit! great

  2. So thrilled to see the ring make an appearance on the blog!
    I didn’t know what 32 would bring me when I was 18, since that felt so far away. Now it’s here and I mentally feel only a slight difference between now and 26. I’ll allow my brain to do that. I feel pretty good about it!

    P.S. I should have you know I also broke out my (faux) leather leggings on Sunday! Clearly we were separated at birth. YAY US AND ETERNAL YOUTH!

  3. Oh and look at that NECKLACE too! ;)

    1. Yeah! That necklace is AMAZING!

  4. It’s funny getting older happens so quickly that our minds don’t catch up to time. I’m Turing 40 this year and I still feel like I should be 33. Happy Belated Birthday! It’s always great to celebrate another year.

  5. First, Happy Belated Birthday! Second, I love this outfit on you! The ring is such a fun accessory and the whole outfit is spot on. Thanks so much for the inspiration!


  6. happy birthday! love your outfit head to toe:)