A Month in Style Moments

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Phew! The holidays were a complete whirlwind, weren’t they? After a marathon month of shopping, decorating, wrapping, partying, and traveling, I am glad to be back in the saddle and diving into a new year. But before grabbing 2012 by the pants, I thought I’d share a few slices of life/style from the season. Aside from Words With Friends, Instagram is my absolute favorite thing about the iPhone which I finally got in November, and I can’t stop posting pics and gawking at everyone else’s. As you can see, the season adorned me in lots of sparkles, polka dots, bubbly, and a certain neon pink shirt I can’t seem to take off. How about that twins moment from the West Elm party with Bri, Margaux, and Sarah? Totally unplanned of course. You were great 2011, but 2012 is going to be the most stylish and inspiring year yet. Mark my words!


  1. Hammad 01/03/2012 Reply

    Full of Style it is ! :)

  2. Adore your blog! Such gorgeous pictures. xoxo

  3. Okay I am giving in! I am getting the instagram app. lol. I keep hearing so much about it, so it must be good!

  4. I love your blog! Your style is fantastic – I’ll definately be following!


  5. sparkles… sparkles… love it!

  6. Hot fashions and stylish blog!! Happy New Year :)

  7. OoOoO I love finding new blogs. You inspired me today!

  8. Lovin’ the polka dots — do you suppose they’ll still be in fashion in 2012?

  9. Love it!

  10. Beautiful images. Cheers to a stylish new year!

  11. Love that pink shirt!! You rock it- if I were you, I’d wear it all the time, too! xoxo

  12. Happy New Year – 2012

  13. Great Photos!!! <3

  14. I like the pink shirt too and the furry shoes! Very sexy!

  15. I’m super jealous that you can pull off formal shorts!

  16. Aren’t you the svelte one cutting a nice figure in that military-cut pink shirt, does it have epaulets as well? I couldn’t tell from the photo. Regardless, you definitely make the shirt look more than nice. I’m a guy, but I love fashion too. And yes, the Instagram app rocks!


  17. I love the pictures, gorgeous(:

  18. you have great style, its unique and beautiful.. :-D

  19. Love it!

  20. I do like your stylish pictures – you made my day !

    Keep up the good work !

  21. nice photos and i love your iPhone case!

  22. So stunning! So classy! I love it :)

  23. I love your selective snapshots! So stylish! Looks like you have had a fabulous 2011, welcome to 2012 : )


  24. Well done on having such a stylish and obviously sparkling festive season. The pink blouse is a winner!

  25. Those stockings (hose?) are the best things I’ve seen on a leg in a while.

  26. Great! I like.

  27. Every stylish girl needs a dinosaur figurine. : ) Cute, cute, cute clothes! Love those polka dot stalkings.

  28. Thanks for sharing :)….so chic

    My Blog: mindlesslog.wordpress.com

  29. Great style!

  30. Love the bracelet, where is it from???

  31. really interesting…..i used to read do’s and don’ts in style magazines…now that I am wiser and rounded, I realize that when all within me is alright with me, then all that adorns me is perfect!!

  32. this is just fantastic. lovely images.

  33. love the pics! great style and i’ll be sure to keep my eye out for more posts. thanks for sharing!

  34. Loved it :)

  35. Looks like you had fun with this post. What do you do with all those shoes?

  36. I love Instagram too! I wish that I posted pictures more often but I would rather look at other people’s pics anyways. Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  37. I love the filters you use for the pics. Beautiful!

  38. Fabulous, such a stylish set of holiday pix!

  39. Lovely

  40. Fabulous!

  41. Lovely pictures. This inspires me to be a bit more stylish myself. :)

  42. beautiful pictures

  43. Really great. Instagram here I come.

  44. Loove this! Your style is fab!

  45. WOW

  46. Along with great style, your blog has a wonderful sense of fun. I can almost see the twinkle in your eye!

  47. absolutely gorgeous..!

  48. Do you always go by feng shui rules to put together your wardrobe? I’m intrigued! Love the pics, too.

  49. Pretty! Pretty!

  50. Jus adorable , awesome . whatever .. Damn i like you .

  51. Your a girl after my own heart with all the shoes! Love the pics and the post.


  52. This blog is just stunning. I hope the fashion/beauty blog I’m currently contributing to will someday be like this.

  53. Instagram is the most addictive app out there- I’m constantly checking to see if anyone has uploaded any more pics! :)

  54. I am the exact same way. My new iPhone is slowly taking the place of my {much nicer} cammer. It’s so convenient and fun! Looks like you had some darling style moments and a lot of fun times.

    Congratulations on also being “Feshly Pressed!”

  55. Great shots.I’m off to investigate the instagram app:) Cheers~

  56. Fab photography and excellent style, I like your blog a lot.

  57. Hello… You prettymuch ROCK!! ….. :)

  58. so festive and flashy. I love it. here’s to style!!


  59. Love the phone case! I want one :)

  60. amazing>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  61. Red Toenails 01/04/2012 Reply

    So so cute!

  62. Love all your shots! Do you have Instagram?

  63. I love this!

  64. CinZilicious 01/04/2012 Reply

    Great blog! i love your style=D Looks like you had a fab Christmas and wishing you a happy new year!!!


  65. Great pics! I am equally obsessed with Instagram. Is your pink top J. Crew? Love it!

  66. The fluffy shoes are gorg!

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  68. Style and fashion all the waaay dear!

  69. Love your pictures with the pink and polka dots! I’m both a pink freak and a polka dot freak.

  70. Love your pictures with the pink and polka dots! I’m both a pink freak and a polka dot freak.

  71. Love it All! <3


  72. Ok, I need a pink shirt now! And I’m not even a pink person!


  73. Love your blog especially the dog in the Ghost chair.

  74. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage? My blog site is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my visitors would definitely benefit from some of the information you present here. Please let me know if this okay with you. Thanks a lot!

  75. On en veut davantage avec autant d’humour. Continuez.

  76. you’re so fashionable! love your style! :)

  77. Love your pictures and your blog! Check out my Blog!

  78. Awesome pics! Teach me to style like you!

  79. Gorgeous, love, love, love sparkles, dots and sequence :)

  80. Beautiful pictures and the way it’s displayed, too. I’m just starting, but hope to be doing awesome things like this, too, in the near future. Thanks for being an inspiration. :)

  81. Pretty pictures. Are you using Instagram? Is it really good ? I wasn’t sure it was that great an app. I love the app called Vintage cam. Its lovely. You should try it.

  82. I love your style. Were you using instagram for your images?


  83. Love this post! Th best thing about instagram is the pretty artsy filters it puts on otherwise average photos! Absolutely love the photo collage!

  84. I’m about as fashionable as a rock, but I actually enjoyed this. Great photography. Congrats on being freshly pressed!!


  85. Love the style of your blog, and the photos ! ;D

  86. I got my IPhone a year ago, and I AM OBSESSED with Instagram as well! I can’t stop posting pics, or checking the people I follow!! I definitely check once every few hrs…it’s bad but awesome at the same time.

    Love the seasonal shots!

  87. Ok I know this is probably like the 50th comment that says “I love your blog…. blah blah blah blah blah” but… I love your blog!

    p.s. I love the polka doted iphone case!

  88. I really want an iPhone now, just so I can take photos like that!
    Great shots!

    My fave is the last photo.
    It shows festive season in such a simple pic!

  89. You got style! Love it,

  90. I totally gave into the neon fad and the sparkle/sequin fad. The holidays were a perfect time for the sparkles, no doubt. Donned an Ann Taylor silver sequin sleeveless top paired with a Calvin Klein black pencil skirt for a quick and easy holiday party look. I even paired it with a blazer on some days to wear to work — saved me a bunch of prep time. The neon trend is not going away anytime soon (at least I hope not — I just bought a pair of neon nikes and a ton of neon items at VS). *fingers crossed*

  91. I am so glad you enjoyed 2011. Personally, I hope this year is so much better. :)

    Great pictures, especially the beautiful dog! Thanks for sharing.

  92. I love printed panty hose and dark nail polish.

  93. LOVE the polka dots! Beautiful style :)

  94. beautiful …

  95. I love your neon pink shirt! :)

  96. Its the style of photography that makes it – well composed but with a fleeting, snapshot quality. :)

  97. Great shots!

  98. Lovely !

  99. I totally agree.

  100. Where did you find the polka dot tights? They’re amazing :)

  101. Love your blog! I agree! I have the biggest feeling that 2012 is gonna be awesome! Can’t wait to bash out the fashion.
    By the way, I wrote a blog about 2011 Christmas’ fashion. You can check it out. http://nessametharam.hubpages.com/hub/Christmas-Outfits-Not-So-Hard-Anymore

  102. My favorite photo is of your outfit with the neon pink top, swing skirt, and dotted swiss tights! Loveee. Reminds me of my personal style, great photos!

  103. love your blog and your style! I plan on getting the iPhone at the end of the month and love the pictures you are posting from yours. I’m definitely going to start following your blog! XO

  104. Love the scarf and shoes and of course the presents too!

  105. i love your tights!!

  106. Marcin Pająk 01/22/2012 Reply