Beauty Bets Features The Life Styled’s Top Beauty Picks

As much as I love fashion, beauty is a close second in my list of obsessions. Luckily, the fabulously informative beauty blog Beauty Bets makes me feel like I’m not alone in this addiction. That’s why I was thrilled when blogger Elizabeth Dehn asked me to provide my top picks for the Real Beauty series. This was harder than I thought, as there are countless products I would not be able to live without, but after close consideration, I was finally able to narrow it down.Visit the feature at Beauty Bets to see what made the cut, and why!

Real Beauty: Catherine Sheppard, Stylist


  1. Ok I’m going to have to break down and just buy the St Tropez. I’ve contemplated and debated if it’s worth the price, but after looking at my pastier-by-the-minute skin and fearing the “no scented” goo (liars) at home…it’s time.

  2. Ooh the St. Tropez is even cheaper than the (now discontinued) Chanel varietal… I’ll have to check it out!