Black & Neon







Madewell shirt, Club Monaco shorts (similar), Alexander McQueen scarf, F21 belt (similar), Vince Camuto booties (similar), Michael Kors watch, Bracelets: F21, J.Crew, American Apparel clutch, Herringbone tights (?)

Lately I’ve been consistently reaching for some of the same choice style elements: neon pink (as witnessed in yesterday’s post), black leather (nothing new here), and silk scarves – specifically this new Alexander McQueen beauty which was a Christmas gift from my husband. It’s been glued to my body ever since – going through airport security, walking the dog, groggily making my way to Starbucks in the morning, or all dressed up for a night out. Don’t expect it to subside anytime soon. You may not be able to see its signature skulls in these pics, but trust me – they’re subtly placed within the croc and tweed, and they keep me oh so safe.


  1. you look fantastic. and love the way you made that bow with your scarf!!

  2. hot pink is certainly one of my favorites right now. you look so pretty!

  3. dang girl! love the way you’re wearing the scarf. Never thought about tying it that way before!

  4. elizabeth 01/04/2012 Reply

    You need to model your outfits more often! Good thing that hubby of yours likes photography!

  5. Wow! What a great post! I really liked the shoes and scarf thing? Did it come together?

  6. Dear Admin, it’s urgent. Please get in touch with me via email as soon as possible – thanks!

  7. Love the outfit. Came across your blog today, I’ll be checking back often! :)

  8. Love this outfit – you look fantastic!

  9. Love the outfit, especially the gorgeous scarf!

  10. Kathleen Healy Twistol 01/17/2012 Reply

    Such a great look…I LOVE it! My last few closet consults have benefitted (and flipped out over!!!) from this look, as I’ve pulled up your blog to show them this ensemble. We’re all addicted to the skinny red belt, and the super great idea of tying a silk scarf as a BOW…brilliant! But sadly, no one had your McQueen skull version…dang! Not that they didn’t get it on their “go get” list, afterwards. : )

    1. Oh my gosh, I’m so flattered that you’ve shown the outfit idea to clients! Thank you so much. I hope everyone goes out and gets a McQueen scull scarf! They’ll love it. :)


  12. jeannie 01/18/2012 Reply


  13. This outfit is absurdly awesome.

  14. is this near eagle rock or glendale? this looks so familiar! :)

    1. It is in Santa Monica, on a bridge over PCH!