Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas
Reiss sequin jacket, Case Mate iPhone case, Deborah Lippmann nail polish, GAP gloves, My Jewelry Box blue topaz ring, Juicy Couture circle scarf (similar), Linens ‘n Things tree, Theirry Lasry sunglasses, NARS China Blue eyeshadow, Ash wedge sneakers

No matter what the King said, a blue Christmas isn’t always a sad thing. There’s something festive and twinkly about this shade for the holidays that reminds me of a winter wonderland at night, when people emerge from their homes after a day of holiday prep for a night of bubbly sipping and merry making. So consider straying from the usual tones of the season and you’ll be a breath of fresh air in a sea of red and green.



  1. That blue Christmas tree is amazing! Love this post!

  2. I absolutely love that nail polish!!! I’m all about the sparkles! And that phone case… ***sigh

  3. Um yes! To all of the above!! Crushing especially hard on the sneakers, eyeshadow and glasses!

  4. Blue Christmas has never been so stylish. Love the wedge sneakers.

  5. Perrrrrfect post! Blue is my first favorite color, second favorite, third favorite, and…well you get the idea! Lovely collage!

  6. I love your blog here! This curated collection of blue hues is GREAT. I love those sunglasses so much!

    Following you along on Bloglovin now, and looking forward to more posts!

    – Kate