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Summer Set / Road Trip

Road-Trip The Life Styled

1. sweatshirt / 2. water bottle / 3. hat / 4. sunglasses / 5. sneakers / 6. bracelet / 7. camera / 8. backpack / 9. face wipes / 10. pen / 11. notebook / 12. compass / 13. shorts / 14. top / 15. charger / 16. facial spray / 17. snacks

How does summer always seem to fly by? But there is still time for at least one adventure: road trip! It doesn’t have to be a cross country excursion. Maybe it’s just a drive up the coast. Pick a weekend to wake up early and get on the road. Before you put the car in drive, you’re going to want to have all the necessities. I’ve rounded up all the goodies I’d need for a road trip, complete with a polaroid camera, a comfy sweatshirt, an extra charger (so you can snapchat without killing your battery), and of course… healthy snacks. Only one question remains: where to?


0127 copy

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I started the Tone It Up plan and I immediately started feeling 100 times better. I’ve had a few challenges on the way so far with family visiting (who wants to visit / eat with someone on a diet? Not me!) but there will always be things on the calendar trying to get you to fall off course. There may have been a piece of cornbread and one or two extra cocktails (maybe even a beer flight – whoops) while they were here, but everything I’ve done has been with intention rather than just going back to bad habits – and that’s my top goal with this new plan. If I indulge, it has to be worth it, and I have to make up for it with a workout or making better choices in the meals following (something I didn’t always do before). If you didn’t read my Before post, check that out for more background on why I’m starting this, why this plan, etc.

0118 copy

0115 copy

If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, you’ve been getting all the updates but here’s a quick recap of where we’re at. I originally planned to go this alone since I missed the Bikini Series bandwagon back in April when they all started. THEN last week I found out they will be doing a  ROUND 2 of the same series starting this Monday, June 27th. The community support is a big part of the appeal, so I decided to start over on Monday with the group. These first two weeks that I’m in the middle of are just a bonus. It’s been great to get to know the plan, gather the gear I needed, make a bunch of the recipes, and learn what might be my top challenges. So far, so good (aside from my few slip-ups).

0112 copy

0129 copy

What I’m loving about is that it fits so well into my life. I can do the workouts at home, which means I can do them while Sailor is napping or quickly in the morning before Ian leaves for work. I used to go to the gym and take classes pre-baby, but that would take 2 hours out of my day. I love how easy it is to fit these in. 20-40 minutes and I’m back downstairs onto the next part of my day. The food is another thing that’s so easy to make work in a normal day. I love the recipes, but I can also easily order at restaurants and share the food I make with family. A huge plus! So far, I’m obsessed with their protein pancakes, kale salad, peanut butter and jelly balls, chickpea “Bikini wraps”, and all the smoothies.

0131 copy

0141 copy

SO a few of you have told me that you’re thinking of joining me on this adventure too which I LOVE. Have you been getting ready? What have you been doing? Do tell! To make it a little easier, I’m going to share a few of my tips for you as you get ready to start. If you’re not doing this specific Tone It Up series, no worries! You can still get a lot of ideas from their site and YouTube channel or just do your own plan and check in with me so we can motivate each other!

0124 copy

0133 copy

Here are my tips so you can get started on the right foot.

1. Bundle is best. They have a couple different options. The Bundle is $170 and gets you the daily journal which I find SUPER helpful, and the Beach Babe 4 “premium” workout videos on their site which I have been doing for all my workouts. Once you join, you’re a member for life and you get all the future versions of the plan. This also includes the whole recipe book and nutrition plan which lays out what to eat every day and which workouts to do. I find this to be SO KEY. By the way, I am NOT affiliated with Tone It Up, I just chose it as my plan, haven’t gotten anything for free, and I am a fan.

2. Get the gear. Before you start the workouts, you’re going to need some gear. To figure out what I needed I just watched some of the videos to see what they were using, and then gathered some stuff online and at Target. See what I got below.

3. You do need the protein powder. I love theirs for the fact that it’s not filled with random chemicals and it tastes great. You can use whatever powder you want, but do get some as many of their recipes use it.

4. Get your family on board. Have a talk with whomever you spend a lot of time with. It’s a big change to your lifestyle and you will find it much easier if your hubby will eat some of this stuff with you. It’s hard to imagine doing this if Ian wasn’t OK with eating a lot of these recipes, not to mention being on baby duty while I work out first thing in the morning. Even my parents are going to be eating a lot of these recipes with us when we go to MN next week!

5. Clear some time for this. Especially that first week when you’re getting used to everything – learning the recipes, seeing how much time the workouts take, etc. I was obsessed the first week and spent a lot of time on the meal prep and grocery shopping and stuff. When it’s all new, everything takes longer to do and you want to get in a groove. It was a big time commitment at first, and then it becomes more second nature as the days go on.

Tone It Up Starter Kit

0137 copy

0142 copy

Of course, fashion always comes into play in anything I do and this is no exception. While I haven’t bought any fun new workout clothes yet (I’m saving those for personal rewards for milestones along the way), I decided it would be fun to incorporate workout clothes into my daily style. Basically, athleisure and I are going to be BFF’s all summer. That way I can always sneak in a workout whenever I can without having to change clothes, and it gives me fashion inspiration as a reminder of what I’m doing for myself.

So are you in? Let me know in the comments if you are and let’s do this!

On Me: Leggings / Jacket / Top (old Lululemon but similar options below) / Shoes / Bag / watch

Gear: Resistance bands / Protein powder ( both on sale til Saturday with code HAPPYSUMMER20) / 5 lb weights / 3 lb weights / Yoga mat / Foam roller / Scale / Stretch bands / Water bottle / Kettlebell / Exercise ball

Photography by Heather Kincaid

Go Get It

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Western belts! They’re clearly the standout accessory of the moment, and I’m so ready for it after being pretty uninspired by belts in general since this Moschino gem made its comeback a few years ago.  Think black with a big silver buckle (or two!) and medallions dotting the waist to amp up ripped denim shorts or cinch in the waist with a white gauzy dress, adding some boho edge to an otherwise minimal outfit. Perfect for #summervibes! You can find cool worn-in ones at vintage stores or shop below for my picks!

Summer Set / Beach

the life styled beach summer 2016

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

There are plenty of reasons to get excited about for summer.  Beach days, road trips, cookouts, warm nights, just to name a few.  Which is why today I’m kicking off a summer series celebrating these events and how to embrace them in style.  First up to bat is beach essentials complete with airy coverups and straw hats, woven totes and graphic towels.  Your summer style is about to take a step in the right direction.  Check back to see what I have my eye on for all my favorite summer situations.

Summer Flare Bootcamp

FullSizeRender copy

FullSizeRender 2 copy

I was starting to shop around for some white flare jeans for an outfit post I want to do for summer, and it dawned on me that the actual process of buying and wearing flares deserves a post on its own. Flare jeans can be a complicated beast to tackle. The last time they were cool, I was wearing them with Samba’s and an unintentionally oversized maroon and gold high school sweatshirt (on second thought, maybe that would be cool now). But you get the idea. This time around, this trend is a great way to give an outfit a bit of a lift, and if you wear them right, make you look half a foot taller and at least a size or two skinnier. YES! OK but here are the rules (yes, there are rules):

Shoe choice is everything and height is your friend. Yes I realize this makes wearing flares a bit more of a situation. But having the right shoe is a very important part in nailing the look. I find a chunkier shoe works well in creating balance with the wide flare, but you can go with a delicate pointy or strappy heel for a more dressed up look. I love a stacked heeled western inspired boot with ripped flares for a cowgirl vibe. You can get away with a sneaker, but careful with that. Consider one with a bit of a platform to give you some extra height and make sure the flare covers it well. In fact, the more your foot disappears completely in the flare, the more flattering and polished the look will be. Otherwise you will need an entirely different pair of flares that’s the right length for flat sneakers.

Length. The flares must and I mean MUST almost touch the floor with your shoes on. Maybe even graze it. No floating, flapping hems! I mean it. Unless you’re daring enough to try the cropped flare trend, but that’s a whole different beast. So you have to pay attention to the inseam and make sure they go hand in hand with the shoes you plan to wear with them. If you normally wear a 32 inseam and want to wear them with a 4 inch heel, you’ll need a 35.5 or 36 inseam. You may even want to buy a pair of shoes specifically with flares in mind. You can call them your “flare shoes.” Excuse to buy shoes! Who needs one?

Leg. Pay attention to where the flare starts. It will be more flattering if the knee part of the jean is hugging your knee/top of your calve. But try them on and see what works best for you.

Rise. A high waisted pair will make you look even taller and skinnier.

Here are some of my top picks of flares for the summer months, and shoe options to pair with them. Weekend shopping starts NOW. 


Top Row : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / Middle Row : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / Bottom Row : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Shoes for Summer Flares

Top Row : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4  Second Row : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Third Row : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / Bottom Row : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Photos 1/ 2/ 3/ 4

The Great




I don’t often share brand lookbooks on here but every now and then one just really grabs me. Summer is on the horizon and I’m already getting excited for longer days, a slower pace, and comfortable, breezy staples in rotation. The warming temps always prompt a desire for a lighter, less analytical wardrobe and in my book, a laid back Americana vibe (much more of that to come in upcoming posts). I recently discovered Emily Current and Merritt Elliott’s newest brand The Great and haven’t found a better inspiration for summer. Relaxed fit old-timey jeans, airy smock dresses, embroidered peasant tops, distressed sweatshirts, and not-too-girly ruffles for all. Altogether, it gives off some serious Tom Sawyer vibes (just add those suspenders and straw hat from the lookbook which I don’t think are from their line but perfectly chosen nonetheless) that vividly bring me back to being a country school girl on summer break without a care in the world. The balance of loose fits and slimming flares is at an equilibrium unmatched by any brand this season, and solidifies the need for The Great to be in your closet.  I have a feeling this summer is going to be the most comfortable one yet.

All photos from The Great lookbook and campaign.


Lemonade The Life Styled Catherine Sheppard

DENIAL: dress / bra / bat / ANGER: bra / leggings / coat / boots / APATHY: necklace / bra / jacket / EMPTINESS: dress / ACCOUNTABILITY: hat / tank top / jeans / dress / FORGIVENESS: headphones / RESURRECTION: ballet shoes / dress / REDEMPTION: top / jeans / dress

Beyonce has done it again. Have you seen it? Last week we were blessed with another visual album from Queen B that was full of emotions about Jay Z’s alleged cheating, and was chaptered by the different complex stages of coping with it all. Though not to belittle the huge topics portrayed in the video, it’s impossible not to talk about the wardrobe.  Each outfit is as powerful as she is from the Cavalli and Givenchy gowns to the Yeezy separates to the hot sauce baseball bat.  Today I’ve put together a round up of how to get each iconic look for those of us who don’t have a Beyonce budget to prove that even if you’re only given lemons, you can still make lemonade.




Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

One of my favorite things about the holiday madness is when I actually get settled wherever I’m spending Christmas (we switch off every year between Ian’s family in New Jersey and mine in Minnesota) and get to relax and enjoy all the little moments that make the holidays special. This year with a new baby in the mix, we will have every reason to move at a much slower pace, and I’m planning on spending a lot of time in my PJ’s for the rest of 2015. I always try to treat myself to a cozy new pair around the holidays, but I tend not to go for ones that scream Christmas so I’ll be just as excited to wear them for the rest of the winter. I’ve gathered all my favorite PJ options below, most of which are available with free or cheap fast shipping in time for Christmas morning!


Mine are by Olivia Von Halle.




As if fall doesn’t give us enough reasons to get comfy, this season you won’t even have to get dressed in the morning.  Pajamas have been a street style trending topic for a few years now, but Rag & Bone’s fall collection has me thinking it’s about to go full force in the coming months.  I’m leaning towards more of a Hugh Hefner inspired take on the trend; complete with piped collars, velvet smoking flats, and wide legged trousers.  Pair a silk pj top with boyfriend jeans, heels, and a tailored jacket, or even go with a matching set to really pack a punch.


1. Rag & Bone silk shirt / 2. Del Toro loafers / 3. Sandro silk shirt / 4. Rag & Bone silk shorts / 5. Merchant + Archive jacket / 6. Equipment blouse / 7. Rag & Bone jumpsuit / 8. Rag & Bone trousers / 9. Scotch and Soda dress / 10. Madewell backless loafer

Photo 1 / 2 / 3

Maternity Jeans 101

When you think about it, it’s a tall order that pregnancy requires us to set aside the bulk of our wardrobe for several months. I mean, you have a closet full of regular clothes and as your stomach starts to get bigger, more and more of those things no longer zip all the way and your options quickly dwindle. On the bright side, it’s actually a nice time to simplify your options and go with more of a capsule style approach. You only need a few things really. I’ve been rotating between a few oversized tops and tenty dresses, and haven’t needed to buy a whole lot of new pieces… except jeans. Jeans are something I really committed to when it came time to shop for maternity wear. I mean, what could be more important for a daily wardrobe? So today I’m breaking down the various ways to wear jeans throughout pregnancy, including how I repurposed my non-maternity jeans into pregnancy friendly versions, and the different kinds of maternity jeans which make getting dressed easier and a LOT more comfortable.

Maternity Jeans 1
Hair ties / Tummy tubes / Rag & Bone shorts 1 / 2 / 3



Maternity Jeans 3

 James Jeans / Joe’s Jeans / AG Jeans 1 / 2 / 3 / H&M Jeans