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A New Project

Baby 1

I’m so excited to share with you guys my newest project: a baby girl due October 18th! Of course you can expect more details and inspiration to come but for now Ian and I are just so happy to be able to come out of hiding and share the news. We’re so thrilled to be adding to our family and can’t wait/are completely terrified for what’s to come! As you can see, Kenzie and Emmy can barely contain their excitement too…

xo Catherine

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Hello April


April! This might be the one time in the year that we can say “I thought it would never come,” instead of “How is it already here?” With those long winter months behind us, April is all about springing back to life as the days get longer and warmer. We’re finally breaking out of our hibernation and looking forward to the season ahead, doing some spring cleaning and making plans for summer. It’s time for colors to quietly make their way back into our wardrobes in the form of pastels and light washed denim. It’s also the rise of festival season, putting a a whimsical feeling in the air that makes feathers and flowers feel so right. So it’s time to embrace spring as we crawl out of our winter sweaters and into some crisp tee’s. This month I’ll do my usual bi-yearly closet detox, moving all the heavy stuff to the back and the crisp white denim and flowy tops to the front, getting rid of anything that’s not worthy of staying with me through the new season. It’s always so refreshing to do this time of year, and it gets me thinking about my summer style inspiration. Sure we have a ways to go til it’s officially summer, but it’s never too soon to be eager about the warm weather that lies ahead. Hello April!

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Color Code / Marsala

The Life Styled MarsalaIf you missed the oxblood boat in 2013, here’s your chance to patch up your burgundy-toned woes. Marsala, a dustier, more muted version of the color was dubbed the hue of 2015 by Pantone in December and it hasn’t stopped popping up since. It’s a versatile color that has a neutral feeling to it instead of a statement one that’s easy to work into your wardrobe and your home decor. Since it’s an easy color to wear, you can get a little more splurgey on the more special pieces. If you feel like you have enough black totes, maybe it’s time to move over to one in marsala. It matches with basically everything and will add interest to a simpler outfit. The color has a richness that will never get old or tired, so whether you’re buying it in basics or splurging on luxuries, invest in marsala now and wear it forever.

Color Code / MarsalaMassoud pillow / H&M top / Larose hat / GC Shoes slip-ons / Topshop mittens / Givenchy tote / The Row sunglasses / Luv AJ earrings / Baublebar bracelet / Carven coat / Pedrera lamp / Casetify iPhone case / Rock & Religion skirt / Nars blush / Topshop heels
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Hello January

Hello January / The Life StyledI’ve always loved the feeling of opportunity that comes in with January. There’s nothing better than a clean slate with a fulfilled, wiser mind and a whole year ahead of you to fill up with new stories, accomplishments, and memories. Right now though, it’s refreshing to embrace a quieter time – one we like to spend cozying up inside and away from the cold. It’s OK to be in hibernation mode but it’s also a great opporunity to dive into proactivity mode. This month gets us focused on what matters most, whether it’s our careers, our health, or our loved ones… I can’t wait to take advantage of this month to get a running start on 2015 to make it the best one yet. Hopefully it sticks around longer than 2014 did.  So hello new year, and hello January.

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Hello December

Hello-DecemberI’m starting to think that I need to start calling these posts on the 1st of the month “Hello [month]… WTF?” because that’s how I feel every time a new month is here in the flashest of flashes. W.T.F. Seriously though – it’s so hard to wrap my head around how fast this entire year has gone by.  It literally feels like just yesterday we were ringing in 2014 and in the blink of an eye we’ve arrived at December.  This month is definitely one of the busiest with all the holiday parties to attend, gift shopping, and, for some, traveling across the country to visit loved ones, all while trying to keep our lives together.  I don’t know how we do it.  Maybe that’s what holiday magic is- somehow making it all work before you sit down for Christmas dinner.  The best part about this month is that it always goes out with a bang and a side of fireworks when we welcome the new year.  So while we’re getting lost in gift shopping and endless party dress hunting, it’s important to reflect on everything we’ve learned this year and how we’re going to make next year an even better one.  But first let’s relish in holidays movie marathons, crackling fireplaces, and mulled cider.  Hello December.

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Girl Crush

tswift8Sooo in case you missed it, Taylor Swift released a scary good music video the other week for her song “Blank Space” and we need to take a moment for it.  T-Swizzle lets loose and defines the psycho ex-girlfriend the media likes to spin her as by making a boy fall for her in a weekend and going completely berserk on him while she catches him texting some one else (oh no!).  It quickly goes from honeymoon fairytales to a golf club wielding Swift destroying an antique car- sending the guy speeding off as another one promptly arrives.  The video, brilliantly directed by Joseph Kahn and impeccably styled by Edda Gudmundsdottir, has a strong decadent vibe like no other.  Try interrupting this moment, Kanye.  So to honor this stylish video, I took it upon myself to collect pieces inspired Ms. Swifts glamorous looks just in case you wanted to follow her boy-crazy fueled freak out.  Not that I recommend it – it could get expensive.


Blank SpaceAubade eye mask / Elie Saab gown / Z Gallerie candelabra / Rolls Royce figurine / Rosantica earrings / kate spade bracelet / Honeycrisp apple / YSL lipstick / 1928 hair pins / Lancome eyeliner / Giuseppe Zanotti heels / Bobbi Brown nail polish / All-In-One golf club

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Hello November


Are you ready for a delightfully cozy month? November is a gem. We’re fully adjusted to autumn after October got us used to falling leaves and temperatures.  This month is all about comfort and charging our bodies before the craziness of the holiday season.  We have a few weeks to prepare for Thanksgiving, which is just about the coziest holidays of all in my opinion and then it’s around the clock “tis the season” madness.  In terms of style, our sandals are distant memories until late April and coats are moving their way in.  We’re dusting off our 5050 boots, keeping warm with wool scarves, and praising beanies for saving bad hair days.  Every purchase of a chunky sweater is justified with the weather and it almost might be an acceptable time to get some Christmas lights if you just can’t contain yourself.  Take this month to relish in every moment and before December leaves you no time to breathe.  Thanksgiving reminds us to reflect on all the things we have to be grateful for: our health, our loved ones, and our homes (okay yeah and the best food of the year).  Hello November!

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Hello October


It’s that time of year again: falling temperatures, earlier sunsets, leaves swapping luscious green shades for crispy amber tones, and enough pumpkin spiced lattes to put you in cardiac arrest.   I think it goes without saying that fall is the best time for a wardrobe update.  Sure, spring may be a great time to clean out your closet, but fall is for indulging in sweaters, boots, jeans, and enough flannel to pass as a nineties grunge boy.  Autumn is a time to get cozy and play with layering pieces as you gear up for the cooler months ahead. So throw on a sweater, scoot into some skinnies, slap on some boots, and top it off with a leather jacket.  Hello, October!

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Hello September


Ohh boy. I can already feel that these monthly mood board posts are going to trip me out because I feel like they come around way too often. Just a second ago we were welcoming in the dog days of summer, and just like that it’s time to say hello to fall! Not that I’m complaining. September is always an epic month, don’t you think? There’s an energy unlike any other month of the year. It’s the perfect time to pick up the pace after a laid back summer, grab a hot coffee, and dive head first into the final quarter. School is in session, fall TV is back, and layering is creeping back into our daily outfits (yes!). It may still be hot for a little while longer, but the crisp fall air is waiting around the bend, sweaters and leather in tow. For me, it’s the month the husband and I finally take a long overdue vacation to Italy and let me tell you it cannot come soon enough. September, here we go!

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Hello August


It’s very apparent that 2014 is the year of the horse – it’s galloping by so fast I can hardly keep up. As time only ever feels to be speeding up, we all need a little reminder to really grab a hold of little moments throughout the year and hone in on what makes each day so unique. Every month has it’s own vibe, so I thought it might be fun to take a moment at the beginning of each one to look forward to the next 30 days. I heard a quote this morning about how August is the Sunday of summer, and that feels so true to me. We’re soaking in every last bit of it in the most relaxed way possible. Colors start to  fade to neutral as we prepare for fall. Outfits get more comfortable and effortless, after the hype of July dies down. I’ll be wearing lots of ripped denim, chambray, linen, with black staple accents on repeat. Enjoy this August, and soak in the dog days of summer before they’re gone!

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