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Holiday Ready

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Every year we travel for Christmas to either Minnesota or New Jersey to be with one of our families (we switch off each year). Even last year when Sailor was only two months, we made the trek to the east coast. To us, it’s an important part of celebrating the holidays – connecting with family and friends, and visiting our home towns. Being transplants in LA, we so crave that connection to home around the holidays. Now that we’re parents though, this tradition might evolve in the coming years. As Sailor gets older and if our family eventually grows, we feel like it’s important for her to celebrate the holidays in our own home and create the magic of the holidays there.

This is our new home’s first Christmas, so I really wanted to do some holiday decorating. The last two years, I did exactly nothing. Last year we had a newborn in the house and we were struggling to adjust, and the year before that we moved into our Weho apartment on Thanksgiving and then I promptly left to work in Austin all the way up until Christmas, so no decorations had a chance to happen. In general, it can be hard to get motivated to spend a lot of money and energy on it given that we always leave a few days before Christmas until the end of the year, but it’s still so fun and so important to enjoy for a few weeks after Thanksgiving. So this year being in our new home, I was determined to add a few touches, and to learn from past mistakes. I realized a few things about how I need to decorate for the holidays:

1. I need to be an early decorator. Given that we have less time to enjoy it in the house than we would if we were staying home for Christmas, I need to be one of those people who gets immediately to work after Thanksgiving so we can maximize. I loved doing it this year during that long weekend and I think it’ll be a fun new tradition.

2. We need to be fake tree people. I would love to go shopping for a real tree and bring that fresh scent into our home but it’s not safe to leave up over a long period of time without being home to water it and keep an eye on it. I’ll never forget the year I learned this the hard way and realized we had to take it down on Dec 19 before leaving for the rest of the month. Not fun. So this year we bought our first faux tree and I have to say I love it! It’s comforting to know I can leave those lights on all day and night and not worry about it drying out. We got the LED lights and went to 3 different Targets to get enough of those A2 round lights with the real life bokeh effect I loved so much. Leave it to me to make it complicated!

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3. Keep it simple with a color scheme that fits in with the existing decor. That way you don’t have to do as much work. I kept with our usual all-white base and used a lot of stuff we already had in storage to keep costs down. I added a few rose gold ornaments and picked up a few new things to add to the collection but used all our old ornaments.

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4. Wrapping paper that doesn’t scream holiday can work for the season with fluffy white and gold adornments, but can also still be used after the holidays are over. Target has the best paper this year!

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5. Coniferous greens make perfect little touches in vases around the house and make the whole place smell like Christmas!

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So I didn’t exactly go all out but next year I’ll be ready to take it to the next level with garlands (the one thing I didn’t get to do that I wanted to) and perhaps a stocking upgrade. It’s fun to add to the collection of holiday decor bit by bit each year, and we’ll eventually be able to really do it up without buying anything new. Although we do need to get our outdoor lights game up, since our new neighbors get really into it and have a contest every year. We can’t be the boring neighbors!

We’re now already in Minnesota enjoying the holiday vibes at my parents’ house, after a crazy long day of travel with a 2-hour delay and a screaming babe yesterday! It’s so nice to be here and cozying in for the rest of the season. Hope you guys are enjoying it with your families too!

Our New Home

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Ahhh guess what. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! I have to chuckle saying that out loud on here because it feels like one minute I was going about my business and posting about my diaper bag, and the next minute I live in a completely different place. A house. That we own. It’s a crazy, wonderful, scary, adult feeling! It all happened SO fast and the escrow process was super stressful (as everyone said it would be), which is why I didn’t mention it until now. Let me back up. So we’ve been talking about buying a house for a little while, since before we had moved to West Hollywood two years ago. But at that time, we weren’t ready yet and were excited about living in the center of LA for a little bit. I got pregnant pretty much immediately after we moved, and from there it started to feel like we probably wouldn’t be in that apartment for very long. We LOVED living there, but the neighborhood and apartment itself weren’t the most ideal for raising a little one. Fast forward to this July, and we suddenly felt ready to start taking our search from websites to in-person with an actual realtor. We had our neighborhood pretty much settled on for awhile, but were willing to consider others. It’s in the suburbs, which trust me, I was very resistant to for several years. But after much coaxing, Ian finally convinced me to consider it and I eventually came to a place of, “if the house is the right house (aka, I can make it cute) and I can still easily go all the places I want to go, I’m good with it.” And that’s where we ended up. The best part? The neighborhood is quiet, kid friendly (safe as can be), great public school system, and the houses are somewhat affordable – GASP!

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When we bought the house, there was no shrubbery on this eyesore of an arch. Just plain ol’ stucco staring you in the face when you approach the property. So for me, planting some vines on the arch was first on the list! I wanted bougainvillea, but the landscaper advised against it saying it will get pretty brown in the winter in our hood. So we went with tecoma which is similar but the flowers are more of a coral red. Now we just have to wait for them to grow and fill the space!

The actual finding of our house was not at all like most experiences we’ve heard about in LA. We found it the first weekend of looking (I know!) which was crazy fast but we did do our research before settling on it. It was far and away better than all the other houses we had seen in person and online (and trust me – we looked at every single house that had sold in this neighborhood for the past couple years to make extra sure we weren’t jumping the gun). But why look further? It had everything we wanted – new hardwood floors throughout most of the house, not too big, not too small, open layout that flows nicely, tons of natural light, big backyard (with a pool!), great street, close to the schools we want, big garage, a closet room just for me (SOLD), and just the right amount of projects left for us to do on our own. We weren’t looking for a complete fixer, but we did want to be able to add some value to the house, and our own special touch.

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The master bedroom is empty except for the bed and one side table. Not even a curtain in sight. Hi neighbors!

And there’s plenty of room for value to be added. The pool needs a complete resurfacing (cha-ching), the kitchen is 90’s like whoa (think oak cabinets and sandy granite) with a too-small counter layout, and the bathrooms all need to be redone on some level, to name a few. But we love it.

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One of the first corners that started to look somewhat organized in the family room, even though it’s a temporary setup.

We got the keys at the end of September, and had one week to come in and start work before we had to move in. So we did two major things: painting and floors. The walls were all sorts of rustic shades – tan, cream, beige, gray… but I wanted everything crisp white (surprise surprise). So my wonderful DIY painter of a mom got to work, made best friends with the guys at the local paint store, and eventually got some extra hands to paint as much as they could, which was almost every single ceiling and wall in the house! I wanted to paint too, but unlike our previous painting projects, this time there was a baby in the mix and someone had to hang with her while packing up the apartment. We just have to do two bathrooms and the entry/hallway but MAN did that make a huge difference right off the bat. So fresh! Then the floor guys came in and ripped up that gross carpet upstairs to finish everything off with the wood the previous owners started with. And that’s all we did before we moved in.

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This spot is going to need some extra special attention since it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. And eh hem – notice something missing? Yeah there’s no stair rail. Just air. We’re trying to remedy this STAT so we can baby proof. In the meantime, Sailor is THIS CLOSE to figuring out how to climb the stairs and we’re freaking out.

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The living room leads right into the dining room, which leads right to the back patio – fun for entertaining a small group. We just need to switch out the light fixture, get a new dining table, and jazz up that corner.

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We didn’t realize when we bought the house that it has a pomegranate tree in the backyard! Ian loves pulling them down for us to have with breakfast every morning. 

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The guest room was a catchall until this weekend, when we finally made the bed and cleared it out for Ian’s parents who are coming this week. Another room in need of side tables, curtains… and fresh bedding.

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The current state of the office. Clearly it’s done. ;)

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The doorway into the nursery. It’s smaller than it was in our apartment, but I love that it’s cozy and babies don’t need much room. At least this time, my closet doesn’t have to be in here! 

We’ve been in the house for exactly two weeks today and it’s finally starting to feel like home. Every time I move, I somehow forget how stressful moving is (and now, it’s extra stressful with a baby). But I’m thrilled that we’re past the most painful part. Boxes are mostly unpacked and out of site, things are at least somewhat put away in the correct room, and now we just get to focus on organizing and decorating. We haven’t bought ANY fun decor for the house yet. Just a sage stick (first and foremost), a Nest thermostat, some blackout curtains for Sailor’s room (which aren’t helping her sleep a minute later than 5:30am), a $60 fire pit, and a coffee grinder. Baby steps! It’ll be a very slow process, but I can’t wait to share it all with you guys along the way!


Design Meets Baby

0003 copy

If you happened to read any of my baby related posts before Sailor was born, you know that I was perhaps a little too concerned about losing my design aesthetic in my home when making the transition into parenthood. At first, I couldn’t possibly wrap my head around how I could keep my all white, clean lines, and sharp design details with a baby flinging food and other messy substances around the house all the time. Also practical baby gear is usually ugly, and that’s a real shame. While she’s only 6.5 months and just starting the solid food journey, I’m sure I’m in for some challenging times ahead. Regardless, it’s been my mission to find the baby products out there that will keep my home vibes in tact. I didn’t even know if I wanted to get a high chair at first. I know a lot of families just get a seat that clips onto the table or go without one altogether, but as we were getting ready to start her on solids, it seemed like a high chair was going to be unavoidable logistically. But a whole piece of furniture that’s basically no smaller than an adult chair sitting out in our apartment 24/7 just needed to fit into the aesthetic or it wasn’t going to happen. Call me high maintenance…

0007 copy

0025 copy

Enter: the bloom fresco chrome high chair. When I discovered that this chair existed, my design conscious heart eyes were a flutter. Not only does it look like the chicest kind of baby spaceship orb capsule and comes in a whole array of colors, it has several settings to mold to your baby’s needs as he/she grows well into the toddler years – from recliner seat, to two choices of removable food tray when they’re sitting up, to a booster seat at the dinner table when they’re older kids, which of course helps justify the investment – insert toothy emoji (sorry husbands!). Seriously though, while it might be one of the pricer items on your baby gear list, it’s a great one for the registry because they sell it at a lot of stores (like Amazon, Nordstrom, and Bed Bath & Beyond) – some of the colors are more affordable than others. The bloom website of course has the most color choices. I had to seriously hold myself back from getting the black and gold version but the chrome just matched so well in our home. The rose gold seat pad adds a nice warm touch, and I can always switch it out for a black, white, or silver one for a different look, or if this one gets too gross after our solids adventures really go into high gear (though I will say it’s quite easy to clean). I’ve even seen photos of dining tables with a few of these for their various aged kids and you’d barely even know at first glance that they were kids chairs. I LOVE a company that keeps adult friendly design in mind when making baby products, and can’t wait to share more of my favorites with you guys! Baby proofing is just around the corner, so that will be the ultimate design challenge. Wish me luck – I’m seriously scared.

0013 copy

0018 copy

0008 copy


0001 copy

0015 copy

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bloom fresco chrome high chair / Rose gold starter kit / ME : Shirt / Jeans / Bracelets : 12 / 3 /  SAILOR : pajamas / bib / knit sheep / musical star pull toy / HOME STUFF : Chandelier / DIY wall hangings / Rose gold basket / Quilt / Play mat


Photography by Heather Kincaid

Sailor’s Nursery / Newborn Shoot

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I’m so sooo excited to finally get to show you guys these special, personal photos from our newborn/nursery shoot with our dear friend Heather Kincaid two weeks after Sailor was born. A big thank you to 100 Layer Cakelet for featuring this shoot today as well! Looking back at these now, I almost feel like I’m looking at three strangers in a way. With a new baby, everything is constantly updating and progressing and changing so much from the day before and this feels like a totally different time, even though today she’s still only just over 3 months old. One thing I remember so vividly about this day was being kind of shell shocked, to be perfectly honest. It was the first time after she was born when we tried to do something that required us to get up that morning and be somewhat functioning human beings. I remember feeling so incredibly tired, puffy, overstimulated, and confused. I held Sailor and while I felt so lucky to stare and at this incredible thing I was so proud to call my own, at the same time I almost felt like I was playing a role of “new mom.” I was in love, but also in so much pain (see this post if you don’t know what I’m talking about) and all the emotions were still just so new that I could barely even identify them. Ian on the other hand was cool as a cucumber (he’ll be offended by that analogy because there’s basically nothing on this earth that he hates more than cucumbers) and I watched him swaddle her and hold her so naturally, and felt like he was way ahead of me in conquering this new parent thing. Now I see how that was such a special and raw moment to capture as new parents and I’m so glad Heather was there to do it (with her very own newborn in tow no less! She’s a total pro at both her craft and being a mom).

0001 copy

0014 copy

0159 copy


0032 copyNow, about the nursery! Putting this room together was essentially the project that brought me to a zen place throughout my pregnancy. While I had felt so out of my element in kid-prep, I kept reminding myself that I could do mommyhood my own way, starting with the nursery. It was important to me that this room be a place us adults would enjoy. Not only would we spending a lot of time in here, but it’s also still the room where all my own clothes are held in the closets and where I get dressed everyday (if you follow me on Snapchat @thelifestyled then you know all about this struggle). So it literally is partly “my” room too. Not surprisingly,  I didn’t want a lot of color. I wanted it to feel fresh and light, with some playful yet sophisticated touches. Modern and minimal (lots of lucite and clean lines) with boho accents for texture and softness.


0141 copy

0049 copy

0143 copy

0070 copy

0120 copy

0119 copy

0077 copy

0113 copyMy mom also played a big role in bringing this vision to life since many of the nursery’s best elements were handmade by her. Namely, the white wall hanging made out of leather and feathers (!!), the adorable quilt with little shapes we designed specifically to suit Sailor and me, a linen embroidery piece with lips in different pink tones (framed on the gallery wall), and the yarn mobile over the chair. These and many other of her crafts are all becoming available on her new Etsy shop, Elm Street Textiles. She’s taking orders for custom pieces too so hit her up if you see something you like, and definitely keep checking back for new listings. My mom is one of the most creative people I know and I’m so happy to have her handiwork as a part of Sailor’s room.

0118 copy

0073 copy

0009 copy

0081 copy


0027 copy

0047 copy

0011 copy

0153 copy

0023 copy

0123 copy

0101 copy

0087 copy

0110 copy

0150 copy

Crib / Area rug /  Sheepskin rug / Crib sheet / Crib skirt / Acrylic bookcase / Pillow / Glider / Quilt, mobile, lips embroidery piece, and wall hanging were all handmade by my mom, Elm Street Textiles / Pouf / Wardrobe / Dresser + Knobs / Bunny lamp / Lucite lamp / Bank / Basket / Hamper / Paper bag / Diaper pail / Swaddle /   / Sailor’s onesie: Petit Bateau / My dress: BCBG

Photography by Heather Kincaid


Mini Bathroom Makeover


When we moved into our apartment last year, the inspiration was flowing for how I wanted to decorate the different rooms. We love this place for the many areas that are drenched with sunlight and have more of a “house” feel. Sadly, the bathrooms are not those areas. Frankly, the bathrooms are dark, windowless, and definitely have an “apartment” feel with lots of basic, nothing-to-write-home-about fixtures. It’s not worth investing money into any permanent aspects of the place since we don’t own it, so any updates we do have to be in the accessory realm. I made it my mission to upgrade this bathroom as best I could with an all-white look to keep it feeling light and fresh, and little pops of black for some minimalist accents. I also decided that no product that wasn’t pretty to look at was allowed outside of the cabinets. I scoured all the beauty brands that were not only good products, but had well designed packaging that would serve as decor on the counter.


Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 4.49.04 PM

Byredo ‘Burning Rose’ candle / Lancôm ‘Absolute Eye Precious Cells’ eye care / Glossier ‘Balm Dotcom‘ / Sachajuan leave in conditioner  / SK-II facial treatment cleanser / Glossier ‘Soothing Face Mist‘ / Glossier ‘Priming Moisturizer‘ / Glossier ‘Perfecting Skin Tint‘ / Aesop parsley seed facial cleansing oil / Aesop parsley seed anti-oxidant facial toner / West Elm mirror tray / Kiehls anti-persperant & deodorant / La Roche-Posay Ultra-Light spf 30 sunscreen

Bathroom-6Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 10.43.00 PMKeraste K Forme Fatale hair gel / Evo dry shampoo / R+Co flexible hairspray / Phytovolume volumizing spray / Henri Bendel white pepper candle / Sachajuan ocean mist texturizing spray / Santa Maria Novella body milk / St Tropez self tan luxe dry oil / CB2 tray / Jonathan Adler ‘DOLLS’ canister


We found these two art prints at a boutique in Florence and are by far my favorite additions to the space. I love how they add some “unbasicness” to the main wall. We also added some plants to bring some life into an otherwise stark space, along. A luxurious candle, like this one from Byredo and a nice room spray (obsessed with this one from Diptyque) can also do wonders to the overall feeling of the room when I come in here.


Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 11.29.28 PMAesop Reverence Aromatique hand wash / Kiehl’s Creme De Corps / Evo gluttony volume shampoo / Evo bride of gluttony conditioner / Banksy in New York book / H&M skull bath towel (similar) /  Umbra black waste basket / CB2 nesting tables / Diptyque ‘Bais’ room spray / West Elm woven stripe bath mat 

I would love to hear about how you guys add luxe touches to the blah spaces in your home!

DIY Boho Wall Hanging

IMG_3345Today I have a fun and SO easy DIY for you guys. Wall art has been the bane of my existence lately as there’s so many walls that need some love in our place, but good art can be pricey and hard to find. A little DIY can go a long way to add a handmade touch to the home, and make you look really crafty and cool to top it off. These boho wall hangings are great because you can make them as big, small, long short, colorful, neutral, complex, simple as you want. Plus the supplies are really inexpensive and easy to find. All you need is some yarn (I just picked up 5 skeins of black/gray/cream and still have so much left after making these two), craft rings, scissors, and a glue gun if you have it but it’s not necessary. Happy crafting!


Nursery Inspiration


The current state of the “nursery”

When it came time to start thinking about our baby’s nursery – I have to be brutally honest – it took me a minute to get excited about giving up the room that was previously planned to be my studio/boudoir/closet. I always wanted a studio/boudoir/closet! Although when I started to think about the fun we could have turning it into a stylish nursery (and also still my closet since there’s literally nowhere else in the apartment for my clothes to go), it started to feel a lot more exciting. This is our room to design especially for our little one exactly the way we want to, and that’s a fun project no matter how you slice it. There will be a studio/boudoir/closet room in my future – I guess I’ll just have to wait a little longer for it.

While a girl might seem easier to design for, it’s actually a bit harder for me. I tend to gravitate towards more masculine baby things like robots and dinosaurs, and I don’t want a nursery that feels overly girly. After all, this is a room I’m going to be spending a lot of time in too. So rather than load it with pink, we’re opting for a mostly white room with a mix of textures, and occasional pops of black, gray, and bright coral. I want the room to have a few boho touches to soften it up (like a macrame wall hanging, plush rug, and crochet crib skirt), but still with a lot of the structure, high contrast, and clean lines I love so much. So far, all we have to show for it is this inspiration board but it is instrumental in helping us get ready to start the process. I will say it helps to have an interior designer friend like Jessica, who after hearing about some of my scattered ideas, brought them to life and then some in this design (and just wait til you see her adorable new baby boy’s chic nursery!).

We’re just about to start bringing in some pieces and I’ll be keeping you guys posted on the progress. Here we go!
nursery (2)

Ikea dresser / PB Kids rug / Babyletto crib / Ikea floor lamp / West Elm side table / Freshly Picked moccasins / Land of Nod table lamp / CB2 pillow / CB2 wall hanging / Monte glider chair / Jonathan Adler eyes pillow /  Clever Spaces laundry basket / Iron wire basket / Miffy lamp / Areaware Piggy bank / Anthropologie crystal bar knob / LuckyBoySunday Beauty Baby / KeeKaroo changing pad / Moroccan pouf / Hug Machine book / Black Micro Cubebot / White Micro Cubebot / Blamo rice baby toy / Fifilapin print / Moss & Twig dino print / Land of Nod acrylic bookcase / Circo crib sheet / Matteo crochet crib skirt / My Name is Simone doll / Hermes baby blanket / Tipsy-Topsy decorative cone

Gift Guide / For the Host

Gift Guide - Host

1. Jac Zagoory bottle opener / 2. Sparq whiskey rocks / 3. Vintage Playing Cards ace of hearts / 4. The French Farm salt / 5. Michael Aram wine coaster / 6. Shishi As ornament / 7. American Bar by Charles Schumann / 8. Ferm Living napkin rings / 9. Jonathan Adler coasters / 10. West Elm deco barware / 11. L’Objet place card holder / 12. Culinary Concepts hammered flask / 13. Blomingville knitted throw / 14. Rory Dobner bottle stopper / 15. Byredo Parfums candle / 16. Alexander Wang junk bowl / 17. Kosta Boda votive / 18. Korres soap

It seems crazy to already be thinking about the holidays when we just wrapped Halloween this past weekend.  However, how many times have you felt like you had nothing but time to buy gifts and within a second, it’s December 22nd?  Every time? We can avoid that this year by getting a head start on gifts well before Thanksgiving.  I’m starting this year’s holiday gift guide series with one for the hosts in our lives.  We all have holiday dinners and events that we don’t want to show up empty handed for, and I’m sure we all have a friend or family member who love throwing soirees and would appreciate little luxuries to amp up their party game.  These gifts are ones that keep the hosts duties in mind, like a treat for their bar or a new touch of home decor.  Just a little something sweet to show appreciation for being invited and will certainly ensure that you’ll be invited back.



There were few things one could do to get me to decorate pumpkins again after a glitter extravaganza a few years ago left me feeling exhausted by the idea. While they were so lovely to have on my table through Thanksgiving, the remnants of glitter and glue I kept finding around the apartemnt weren’t as cute. Last year I just rounded up some white pumpkins and kept them as is which was nice, but felt a little lackluster after awhile. I love fall, especially the time surrounding Halloween, and this year it was time to resurface my pumpkin decorating side.



The 2014 pumpkin decorating Catherine is no longer into glitter, so this time they needed to be a little bit sleeker and edgier. A color palette of black, white, and gold seemed perfectly appropriate to match my home decor and it kept the costs from getting too out of control (I guess I keep a can of gold spray paint around at all times now). All it took for these guys was the spray paint (I went with a matte finish for the white and black), acrylic paint to use with a brush for any of the touch-ups or designs, and painters tape to section off areas for the color blocking. Studs and push pins make the easiest embellishments on pumpkins because they just slide right in and stay put. I already have a craft drawer full of studs and just got these push pins (and everything else) at Blick. Any art supply store would probably have you covered for this stuff. The studs are a little harder to find but try JoAnn Fabrics or ordering them online. I got mine in the garment district downtown LA at a store called Bead Factory Inc. This was a fun DIY and much easier to clean up than the glitter. The best part is that they will last well beyond Halloween – no carving, no spiderweb designs. How are you decorating for fall this year?


The Lifestyled October Stylish Pumpkin DIY




School Supplies

School Supplies

Sugar Paper journal / Russell + Hazel binder and rubber bands / Fred pencils / Terrapin “Boss” note cards / Russel + Hazel desktop dock / Russell + Hazel keychain / Rifle Paper Co. notebook / Brilliant Ideas notepad / Fornasetti magazine rack / Kate Spade stapler / Cavallini paper clips / Russell + Hazel leather portfolio / Nate Berkus shears / Nate Berkus folders

One of my favorite parts of September is the back-to-school excitement in the air – something that never goes away even when we’re long past our student years. Shopping for school supplies used to be something I looked forward to for months. I loved nothing more than to pick up fresh pencils, pristine new folders and notebooks. Thrill of the year. Even if you’re not headed back to school this month, it’s fun to give your desk a little update with some fun new office supplies. No Jansport backpacks or Five Star binders here!