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Aperol Spritz

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Since today is Valentines Day, I feel like it’s only appropriate that I take a walk down memory lane to the last time Ian and I took a romantic vacation just the two of us: Italy 2014. It’s starting to feel like a distant memory, but I still have so many mental pictures that I pull […]

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Bikini Punch

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This year has been a total craze fest so far… in a good way. I’m busy trying to make all my high hopes for 2017 a reality, but inevitably certain things take a backseat. When I get busy or stressed, I’ll either forget to eat or I’ll eat everything. Being healthy is something I have to actively […]

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Nursery Necessities

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When I was pregnant with Sailor, one of my favorite things to do to mentally prepare for this massive life change was work on getting her nursery ready. I spent a lot of time browsing different baby websites, adding things to my registry, planning which items I wanted out of all the options out there, […]

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Hot Cocoa Bar

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I grew up in a very hot cocoa driven family. Living in Minnesota, we were constantly looking for ways to stay cozy and warm in the winter and there was nothing like coming in from a cold day to some fresh hot cocoa. I may not live in Minnesota anymore (though this bar was done there), […]

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Real Talk With Real Moms / Favorite Books

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Today’s topic in our Real Moms series has me feeling mixed emotions. You’re probably wondering why the hell something like children’s books can have a deep meaning attached to it but I guess everything with being a parent does, doesn’t it? I’m a little sheepish about this because, confession: I’m really not much of a book reader […]

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4 Easy Life Changes For 2017

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The new year always brings up a lot of wishes for change and improvement, but I find that some resolutions feel so hard to achieve. In a way, they end up more like weights on our shoulders and reasons to feel bad about ourselves. This month, I’m trying to approach my resolutions with a bit of […]

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Our Holiday Cards

I always think holiday cards sound so easy to do, with the entire family looking fresh and relaxed for the season, and all in our friends and families’ mailboxes the first week of December. But then when the season is upon us, the fact that I thought it would be easy is laughable. Finding time […]

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Real Talk With Real Moms / A Brighter Future

Well guys, this is kind of a tricky one. Full disclosure: I came so close to just sitting this one out. My mind has been filled with so many thoughts since the election but for once, I feel at a loss for words. I’m always pretty comfortable on my soap box, voicing my thoughts in this safe […]

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Holidays In Progress

This year I have been particularly chomping at the bit to get ready for the holidays. Maybe it’s the fact that 2016 was a rough year in general around the wold, and we’re finally closing in on the end of it. But not before we go hog wild celebrating the holidays and enjoying ourselves as […]

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Toasted Pecan Old Fashioned

If you happened to see my snaps or Instagram stories on Saturday night when we were making cocktails with our friends who were visiting from out of town, you got a glimpse of my favorite go-to drink these days. I’ve always been a bourbon gal, and when the holidays are creeping up I get excited for Old […]

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