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Real Talk With Real Moms / Technology

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Kids and technology. I’m not sure if it’s always been this way since I’m new to the parenting game but I feel like this is such a hot topic these days! Everyone seems to have an opinion about it, yet so many things change between the generations that new parents are always navigating a different […]

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Trader Joe’s Hall of Fame


What’s not to love about Trader Joe’s? Fun, friendly, affordable, and full of innovative foods, a trip to TJ’s is *almost* as fun as a trip to Target in my book. For awhile there, we found ourselves in the black hole that is Whole Foods and thinking that everything on our list needed to be […]

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Our Holiday Cards

I always think holiday cards sound so easy to do, with the entire family looking fresh and relaxed for the season, and all in our friends and families’ mailboxes the first week of December. But then when the season is upon us, the fact that I thought it would be easy is laughable. Finding time […]

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Today I’m so excited to introduce you to the ultimate internet support group of moms I admire. It’s a series called Real Talk With Real Moms where fellow stylish blogger moms post about a different topic once or twice a month, and in that no-bullshit, all-out-on-the-table way that I love, respect, and flat-out demand for […]

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Design Meets Baby

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If you happened to read any of my baby related posts before Sailor was born, you know that I was perhaps a little too¬†concerned about losing my design aesthetic in my home when making the transition into parenthood. At first, I couldn’t possibly wrap my head around how I could keep my all white, clean […]

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Holiday Cards


Ever since we got married, I’ve always wanted to send out holiday cards to our friends and family but I have never managed to actually make it happen. I had visions of doing a cute photoshoot with Ian and the dogs in our festive outfits out in a field somewhere, but then the thought of […]

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