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Bikini Punch

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This year has been a total craze fest so far… in a good way. I’m busy trying to make all my high hopes for 2017 a reality, but inevitably certain things take a backseat. When I get busy or stressed, I’ll either forget to eat or I’ll eat everything. Being healthy is something I have to actively […]

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4 Easy Life Changes For 2017

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The new year always brings up a lot of wishes for change and improvement, but I find that some resolutions feel so hard to achieve. In a way, they end up more like weights on our shoulders and reasons to feel bad about ourselves. This month, I’m trying to approach my resolutions with a bit of […]

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It’s been almost 2 weeks since I started the Tone It Up plan and I immediately started feeling 100 times better. I’ve had a few challenges on the way so far with family visiting (who wants to visit / eat with someone on a diet? Not me!) but there will always be things on the […]

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I literally CANNOT believe that I am showing you guys this photo. No seriously, I’m pretty comfortable with putting a lot out there but this was something I really battled with before deciding to do it. I took it yesterday morning and when my own loving, doting, supportive husband walked by and peaked in at me […]

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Whole30 + Lessons Learned


Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a whole five and a half months since I wrote this post. You guys were all so encouraging and that has seriously helped so much even to this day. Now that I’ve been doing this for awhile and especially now that we’re in the beginning of a new year, […]

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