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Fall Workout Wear


I’m definitely a big believer in the well researched statistic that if you have new cute workout clothes, you’re more inspired to work out. It’s true – the first step to get motivated is to dress for it. Even if you don’t have a plan for the day but you’re wearing some moveable clothing, you’ll end […]

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Superwoman Green Smoothie

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A few years ago I realized I needed to put more intention behind what I consumed. I would catch myself going entire days without eating anything green or drinking more than one glass of water and I could really feel it. I hired my friend, neighbor, and hiking buddy Caley who is an AMAZING yoga guru/nutritionist […]

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Healthy Peanut Butter Muffins


There have been a few favorite recipes I’ve picked up from the Tone It Up program – things I make on an almost weekly basis, such as Bikini Punch. Today I thought I’d share the most insanely delicious recipe for a healthy mid morning or afternoon snack, and you would never even guess the base […]

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Trader Joe’s Hall of Fame


What’s not to love about Trader Joe’s? Fun, friendly, affordable, and full of innovative foods, a trip to TJ’s is *almost* as fun as a trip to Target in my book. For awhile there, we found ourselves in the black hole that is Whole Foods and thinking that everything on our list needed to be […]

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Spring Workout Wear

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// // As a person who has a hard time making working out a lifestyle (you guys know), I can definitely say that mid to late spring is the time when it starts to feel like the season is on my side. Knowing that summer is right around the corner, when low back dresses, cutoff shorts, and […]

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Finding Motivation

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I’ve been in a bit of a pickle since the beginning of 2017. See, I was SO READY to take on the next Tone It Up fitness challenge after a whirlwind few months (moving into our house and the holidays). I talked about it on social media, bought some new fitness gear, and stocked my […]

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Bikini Punch

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This year has been a total craze fest so far… in a good way. I’m busy trying to make all my high hopes for 2017 a reality, but inevitably certain things take a backseat. When I get busy or stressed, I’ll either forget to eat or I’ll eat everything. Being healthy is something I have to actively […]

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4 Easy Life Changes For 2017

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The new year always brings up a lot of wishes for change and improvement, but I find that some resolutions feel so hard to achieve. In a way, they end up more like weights on our shoulders and reasons to feel bad about ourselves. This month, I’m trying to approach my resolutions with a bit of […]

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It’s been almost 2 weeks since I started the Tone It Up plan and I immediately started feeling 100 times better. I’ve had a few challenges on the way so far with family visiting (who wants to visit / eat with someone on a diet? Not me!) but there will always be things on the […]

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I literally CANNOT believe that I am showing you guys this photo. No seriously, I’m pretty comfortable with putting a lot out there but this was something I really battled with before deciding to do it. I took it yesterday morning and when my own loving, doting, supportive husband walked by and peaked in at me […]

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