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DIY Leather Tassels

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Ever since my mom taught me how to make tassels (see here for the first adventure in tassel making), I have been taking note of all the different areas of my life that need tassels. Tassels on the trim of Sailor’s dress, tassels hanging on a doorknob, tassels on a keychain, tassels on sandals… you […]

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IKEA Table Runner Hack

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I’m all about those IKEA finds you don’t expect to get when you go there for other stuff (this is clearly how most of my shopping happens in general), and these Marknad flax linen table runners are definitely in that category. For $5.99, it’s the perfect soft neutral color and a nice quality fabric. But then […]

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The Art of the List

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If you’re a metal like me, chances are you LOVE to make lists. There’s something so satisfying about sorting through all your thoughts, writing each one down as you go, and coming out of your thinking sesh with a clearcut plan of what needs to happen. Lists are what make my world go round. Whether […]

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DIY Grocery Store Flower Arrangements

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One of my favorite ways to treat myself when spring comes around is with fresh flowers in the house. I fantasize about having professional arrangements from my favorite floral designers delivered to me every week, but the reality is more like picking up whatever the grocery store has in stock (slim pickins’ for a girl who […]

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Summer Flare Bootcamp

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I was starting to shop around for some white flare jeans for an outfit post I want to do for summer, and it dawned on me that the actual process of buying and wearing flares deserves a post on its own. Flare jeans can be a complicated beast to tackle. The last time they were cool, I […]

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DIY Dip Dyed Flannels

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This time of year all I ever want to put on when I get dressed for the day is a cozy flannel, even when the weather is far from cold enough for it. Whether I button it up with a pair of boyfriend jeans or tie it around the waist for some extra flare with a tee, […]

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DIY Boho Wall Hanging


Today I have a fun and SO easy DIY for you guys. Wall art has been the bane of my existence lately as there’s so many walls that need some love in our place, but good art can be pricey and hard to find. A little DIY can go a long way to add a handmade touch to the […]

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Let’s talk about crop tops, shall we? It’s easy to pass those things off as strictly for 17 year-olds or Coachella (or 17-year-olds at Coachella), but believe it or not, there’s a more sophisticated identity for this style. No need to bare your belly. Pick one that’s a little boxier and more structured and layer it over a silky […]

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