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Maternity Photos


In the midst of all the baby prep, doing a maternity photo shoot had kind of fell off my radar. Even though I feel it’s important to document this special time and had always assumed I would do one, I had let it slip to the back of my mind where it may have remained until it was too late. So when my dear friend Heather suggested we do a shoot when I was 33 weeks pregnant (she’s three weeks ahead of me in her own pregnancy!), I realized it was now or never. To be completely honest, the style shoots I do for the blog can be kind of intense and stressful at times – trying to piece together the perfect outfit and obsessing over every accessory all while trying not to mess up my makeup and hair or lose the good sunlight… but this one was totally different. I put zero prep into it – rushed home from a doctors appointment, went to the very small maternity section of my closet to pull out a few dresses, quickly put some makeup on, and away we went. It was so relaxed and fun, sharing pregnancy stories and laughing together. I felt free to not worry about flattering angles or “sucking it in” because a) that’s obviously futile in this case, and b) this time it’s about something much more meaningful. It actually surprised me to notice how much focusing on how I might look usually has a tendency to take over my thoughts when I’m having my picture taken – something I’m going to make a mental note to be less concerned with in the future. It’s way more fun when I feel more relaxed, and it probably shows. In the end, I’m so glad Heather made this shoot happen. Now I have these amazing photos to look back at after our daughter comes into the world, and remember this time when she was such a big part of me even though I hadn’t even met her yet.























A Pea in the Pod white dress / Rachel Zoe black and white caftan / Falcon & Bloom sheer dress (similar) / Old Navy gray romper / Freshly Picked moccasins / Gap cat sweater / Gerber top / Burt’s Bees pants / Gap socks / Rugs USA nursery rug & bedroom rug / Babyletto crib / Land of Nod crib sheet & bookcase / Mr. Maria Miffy bunny lamp

ALSO, thanks so much to my friends at 100 Layer Cakelet who also featured this shoot. Head on over there if you’re just dying to see more! ;)

Maternity BF Jeans 3 Ways


If there’s one thing I absolutely can’t live without during pregnancy it’s a good pair of maternity jeans (or several apparently, as illustrated in my video all about this subject). I’ve been loving the ones A Pea in the Pod and Destination Maternity have to offer, and they just came out with a new pair of boyfriend jeans in their own line that’s been getting a lot of wear over here.  Today I’m excited to be a guest editor on their blog, sharing 3 ways to style these jeans. Hop on over there to see the rest!




Week 32


Well guys, time is apparently playing tricks on me. I’m now in my 32nd week of pregnancy (how is that possible??) and I’m definitely starting to notice myself slowing down a bit. I get winded much quicker than usual, and have been guilty of asking Ian to tie my shoes for me a time or two. I can’t reach! Since day one, I’ve been ambivalent about buying a lot of maternity clothes, but I also knew the day would come that my options would dwindle as my belly approaches basketball level. This dress was one of my first purchases and it’s every bit as comfy and stylish now as it was when I was barely showing. That’s pregnancy wardrobe gold right there. I want it in every color it comes in, and fully intend to wear it post pregnancy, along with a lot of the other stuff I’ve bought – maternity or not. In the navy stripe, it’s been the perfect summer staple which I have loved pairing with black accents to edge it out a tad, like this Apolis tote (something I couldn’t stop thinking about since this post and finally picked it up in black last weekend) and my new Daniel Wellington watch which adds a refreshing masculine touch (Ian  and I actually fight over who gets to wear it on the daily). DW was kind enough to offer my readers 15% off until Aug 30 with the code THELIFESTYLED, so you may need to pick one up for yourself (and your man to share, I guess).








HATCH Collection dress / Loeffler Randall sandals / Apolis tote / Daniel Wellington watch (15% off til Aug 30 with code THELIFESTYLED)/ Celine sunglasses / Wanderlust chevron ring / Eddie Borgo starburst ring

Tent Top


One thing that has surprised me about transitioning my wardrobe into pregnancy garb is how long I have been able to get away with wearing non-maternity clothes. Sure, I had to empty half my clothes out of my closet and put them away until long after my body is through producing a human, but I’ve been impressed that so many things still work with a 6-month belly. This top is something I bought specifically for pregnancy though. I love how tenty it is, with plenty of room to spare AND the fact that it’s not a maternity top, which makes me feel totally fine with idea of wearing it in future summers as well. Let’s face it – I would probably have gravitated to this top regardless because it’s the most comfortable, breezy summer piece I could possibly imagine. Pairing it with ripped white denim (questionably held together by a hair tie) and some edgy sandals is my favorite way to wear it so far, but the summer is still young.








20150621-IMG_1628Madewell top / Rag & Bone shorts / Stuart Weitzman sandals / Cambridge Satchel Co. purse / Eddie Borgo cuff / Karl Lagerfeld watch / Dita sunglasses

23 Weeks


Writing the title of this post gave me a serious wave of anxiety/excitement/disbelief that I’m actually 23 weeks pregnant. That’s almost 6 months. Way beyond halfway done. I honestly can’t believe it. I’ve meant to do more insightful pregnancy updates on here, but the past few months have flown by so fast I could barely even catch my breath and collect my thoughts about it. It’s been a whirlwind of doctors appointments (more in these few months than I’ve usually had in 10 years – thankfully), body/wardrobe acclimating, savoring these last months as a family of 2,  and of course all of life’s other non-pregnancy related complexities. Overall a very fortunate and positive whirlwind, but a whirlwind nonetheless. Today I wanted to take that moment and share a bit about my experience thus far…


Being pregnant has been different than I thought. Easier in some ways, harder in other ways. It’s easier than I expected because:
1. I have never gotten sick since day 1. I recognize how incredibly lucky I am for this and I know I won’t be able to expect the same luxury if I ever get pregnant again. Some of my friends have been sick throughout their ENTIRE pregnancies and I simply cannot imagine how hard that must have been. The only symptoms I have felt are occasional fatigue, the feeling of a small human sitting on my bladder, the dreaded weight gain, and temperamental skin.
2. Life resumed as normal in a lot of ways after the first trimester. The beginning was somewhat stressful and scary (not knowing for sure that it’s not going to go away and not being able to be out in the world with the news while trying to get used to it all). But at the 12 week mark, we found out we are having a girl and finally got to tell all our friends and family. Then things calmed down and we went back to our normal lives, only now with the added anticipation, curiosity, and excitement of what’s to come.
3. An amazing husband. Ian has been simply the most ecstatic dad-to-be, always wanting to know everything that’s happening with me and our baby, reading up on things, researching baby products… He’s obsessed with it all and so supportive of me, and I’m so grateful for that. This has brought us closer in so many ways, and made me feel so excited to be parents together.
4. The fact that we got pregnant at all. So many couples don’t have it so easy, and we take moments all the time to appreciate that we were basically given a free pass. You never know what it’s going to be like until you’re doing it, and we had always worried about that.

It’s harder than I expected because:
1. Losing control of my body. Even though I haven’t been sick, I wasn’t anticipating how odd it would feel to have this “alien” take over me and rely on me for survival before it even feels real. In some ways, this is part of what makes it so special, but it’s also something I really struggle with. While the dad gets to enjoy these 40 weeks of doing whatever he wants to do – eating whatever, drinking whatever, having “last hurrahs,” getting in shape before fatherhood, etc… I’m already a mom. The minute I became pregnant was the minute I had to stop doing a lot of things I enjoy having as a part of my routine. While it might feel trivial and silly compared to the miracle that’s going on inside of me, it really is hard to give up that freedom and control, especially when I know even harder times are ahead. As I type this, I’m on a plane to Nashville for a bachelorette trip for one of my good friends. I would love nothing more than to enjoy my first time in this city through a carefree, summery, artisanal cocktail-fueled lens, I have one foot in this massive responsibility of growing a child, and the other wanting to really embrace this time as sort of the final chapter as someone who doesn’t have these kinds of responsibilities. For some, this part is a piece of cake. For me, not so much. Maybe there’s a deeper Peter Pan complex going on here, but whatever it is, it’s hard for me. It’s not so much the restrictions themselves, but the sobering reality of this stage in life. It’s not about me anymore.
2. The fear/anxiety for what’s to come. I’ve never really been the mommy type. It’s not something that comes naturally to me. The motherly side of me is completely unknown as of now and it’s going to be a brand new identity. This thought scares me to death. What if the maternal side never comes? What if it comes but I lose my old self in the process? What if the transition is just more than I can take?


Rachel Zoe for A Pea in the Pod caftan / Dolce Vita sandals / Karl Lagerfeld watch / H&M rings / Luv AJ ring

However hard or easy this all is though, it’s happening. It’s moving forward at a fast pace and my life is never going to be the same. So the only thing to do is embrace the change. I’m enjoying the process of learning new things, becoming a part of this new “club”, planning and daydreaming about how we’ll take on parenthood in our own way, and just generally getting excited to meet this girl.

Those of you who have done this before, I would love to hear your experiences and any advice you have! As always, thanks so much for reading, guys. I promise my updates won’t always be so deep and dramatic but I just felt compelled to share where I’m at with it all.

Maternity Lookbook // 20 Weeks

Going into my pregnancy, I wasn’t sure how hard it was going to be to transition my wardrobe. It seemed daunting, and I envisioned having to buy all new “strictly maternity” clothes just for this period of 9 months. While I have had to buy a few pieces like that (jeans galore – more on that later), I have found that a lot of non-maternity items I already had definitely work well in the first half of the pregnancy. Today I’m sharing three outfits I’ve been wearing at around 20 weeks. Hope you enjoy! And be sure to subscribe to me on YouTube. :)

Pregnancy Shoots-0676

Outfit #1: Madewell overalls  / Madewell t-shirt  / Madewell tote  / Vans slip-ons  / Ray-Ban sunglasses  / Eddie Borgo cuff  and starburst ring / Karl Lagerfeld watch  / Neely Phelan spike bracelet  / LUV AJ rings

Pregnancy Shoots-0592

Outfit #2:
Madewell dress / H&M purse / Birkenstock sandals / Karl Lagerfeld watch  / DITA sunglasses / Forever21 cuff

outfit 3a

Outfit #3:
BCBG dress  / Theyskens Theory leather jacket / DVF wedges  / Crescioni necklace / Zara clutch / Céline sunglasses 

Scuba + Studs

0017 copy

It never ceases to amaze me how much an outfit can be transformed by the little details. Since every outfit I wear tends to be some variation of comfortable jeans and a t-shirt, the fact that it can be quickly turned into a dinner date appropriate look is good news for me. For all of us really. While this top is a little nicer than a t-shirt, it looks like one and it feels like one. By adding a statement necklace (or in this case a pile of em), fancy shoes (no heels necessary as long as they are fab), and a clutch, the whole thing elevates to a new level without compromising on comfort. Win win!

0001 copy

0009 copy

0014 copy

0007 copy

0003 copy

0013 copy

0006 copy

0015 copy

J Brand top (similar) / Zara jeans (similar) / Valentino flats / Forever21 and J.Crew necklaces (similar) / Michael Kors watch / 202 Factory clutch / Celine sunglasses / Marc Jacobs phone case / Want Les Essentiels de la vie wallet


Photography by Heather Kincaid


0019 copy

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was surprised at how long the time felt between when the baby was the size of a grain of rice and when I would start showing. It felt like an eternity. At 16 weeks I’m just now starting to see a bump that’s a little bigger than a Chipotle burrito belly (aka, the usual). But over the past few weeks, I was faced with the daily challenge of figuring out what to wear that was comfortable for my growing waistline. It’s hard to make updates to your wardrobe when it’s far from maternity clothes time, but you don’t want to buy too many normal clothes knowing that you won’t be able to wear them in a few months. Luckily I like the oversized look so most of what I already own will work well into my pregnancy. But the pants are the first things to stop fitting. So… overalls! I picked these up early on in my pregnancy and not only are they SO comfortable, but they are perfect for the growing bump. There’s some natural extra room in there, and you can just leave the side buttons unbuttoned as it grows. The look kind of reminds me of a kangaroo on a mama-to-be but I don’t mind it at all.

0020 copy

0024 copy

0026 copy

0022 copy

0028 copy


0029 copy

0032 copy

0033 copy

0036 copy

0034 copy

0039 copy

0038 copy

0044 copy

0046 copy

Madewell overalls / Zara tee (similar) / Elizabeth & James blazer (similar) / Nike sneakers / Clare Vivier clutch / Michael Kors watch / Lids baseball hat


Photography by Heather Kincaid



0089 copy

Last weekend I had a strong urge to bring some life into our apartment with flowers. I go in phases with remembering to do this, but when I do, I really feel like it totally upgrades the whole vibe in the house. I love anything white and plush, especially hydrangeas because they last a really long time and just a few go a really long way. There’s nothing more springy than an outing to the flower shop, and this outfit felt right in line with that. This jacket has saved me from some rainy days yet works in the sunshine just as well. I bought these Acne boots a little late in the season but they had been haunting me forever and they’ve been my go to ever since. As for the top, you guys know how much I have loved Gold Hawk’s feminine yet edgy luxe pieces (like this dress, these pants, this faux jumpsuit, and this top to name a few). Well, the same designer started a new line called Falcon & Bloom, offering more romantic silk staples that are already starting to dominate my closet. Their website is still in the works for e-commerce but in the meantime you can find it on Shopbop (hello this) and Planet Blue (their silk shorts are absolutely necessary for everyone). SO to celebrate Falcon & Bloom, I’m hosting a little giveaway of a couple of their signature pieces. Details below…

0093 copy

0108 copy

0103 copy

0097 copy

0107 copy

0078 copy

0076 copy

0114 copy

0111 copy

0121 copy

0112 copy

Rag & Bone jacket (similar) and jeans (similar) / Falcon & Bloom top (also love this blue tank version) / Acne boots / Alexander Wang bag / Michael Kors watch


Falcon & Bloom GIVEAWAY! These beauties:


DETAILS: If you’re new to Gold Hawk or Falcon & Bloom, the first thing I would tell you to buy is a cami and shorts set. They come in every silk/lace color combo and you can wear them together as lingerie, or separate them and wear them out. The camis are perfect to layer under sheer tops or on their own with a blazer and jeans. The shorts are comfy with a t-shirt for lounging around at home OR with heels and blazer for date night. I love the versatility these pieces offer. That’s why I’m partnering with Falcon & Bloomg to give a set away to one lucky winner! It can either be this set shown here OR you can have your pick of another color. Winner’s choice! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and tell me how you’d wear them and follow @falconandbloom on Instagram! You don’t want to miss out on this one. The winner will be chosen at random on 5/4/15. Open to US residents only. Good luck!


Photography by Heather Kincaid

Gasoline Top

0170 copy

This top was an odd purchase. It kept catching my eye when I was shopping at Nordstrom and even though it’s sort of an unflattering balloon-like cut, I couldn’t escape it. I just love the colors and how it basically carries an outfit all on its own without needing any other frills or layers. Every girl needs a few pieces like that in their closet. The kind you can throw on with the most staples and still be able to make a statement. It’s the easiest way to fool everyone into thinking you actually put thought into it.

0151 copy

0130 copy

0143 copy

0168 copy

0146 copy

0155 copy

0160 copy

0163 copy

0161 copy

MSGM top / Joe’s jeans / Ivanka Trump heels / BCBG clutch (similar) / Michael Kors watch / Forever21 earrings (similar)


Photography by Heather Kincaid