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The Perfect Crop

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I held back for so long from jumping on the crop top bandwagon. Here’s what I don’t like: having to buy certain pieces specifically to wear with other pieces that have a list of requirements in order to wear them. I like it when everything in the closet kind of effortlessly works together and mixes […]

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On the Frontier

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My happiest fashion moments are when clothes make me feel like I’m stepping into another place and/time while still feeling fresh and current. It’s like a subtle alter ego, without being a costume. There are certain vibes I’m always excited to embrace, but since we moved to our new hood, my style has been shifting a […]

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Moto Vest

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No matter where you live, there is always that awkward moment between seasons where you can’t decide if you should be keeping your bomber on hand or busting out the cutoff shorts. Some days it’s 90 degrees and I’m like “OK let’s do this summer!” But then the next week it’s cold again and the heat kicks […]

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The Perfect Summer Dress

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I used to not be a summer person, let alone a frolic in the fields person. However, having just moved to an even more scorching part of town, I’m just now starting to gear up and get ready to be a person who enjoys hot temps and sunshine, and I’m actually excited about it. I’m […]

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Western Floral

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Spring is a tough fashion season for me, style wise. I’m not really a cheery pastel/nautical stripe/floral person. However I can definitely get on board when you add some clunky black boots, a boyfriend denim jacket (my latest favorite piece), and a vintage western belt. I really love how they bring this floral dress to a […]

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Non-Girly Ruffles


Lately I’m a sucker for feminine details, but only in a very certain way. Florals, ruffles, or anything dainty always have to be worn with something rough to offset the softness. In the case of this top, I love the mix of poplin and sweatshirt fabrics, and the structured shape which bring it to a not-so-girly […]

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Double Plaid

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In recent years it seems like plaid flannel shirts have become like t-shirts in my wardrobe. I have a growing collection, and I love tying them around my waist with a tee and leather jacket. Maybe it’s the 90’s trends that are everywhere these days, or maybe it’s their soft cozy appeal. When I spotted […]

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Leopard Comeback

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Leopard is totally having a comeback. Rewind to 2010 when it seemed like leopard print was all I ever wore, but then I hit a wall with it (no pun intended) and just couldn’t wear it for awhile. Lately, it’s back in the spotlight where it belongs and I’m not mad about it. Only this […]

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Well guys, this is it. Our last of the five Fashion Feng Shui elements! I saved the best for last because, as my own essence, this one is near and dear to me. I’m talking about METAL. I’ve always been one, but never was able to quite put these traits into words until I learned about […]

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Today we’re talking about the fourth element of Fashion Feng Shui: EARTH. It’s funny because this is the element I have always felt I’m the furthest away from, but in prepping these posts I realized how much I’ve connected with it the past year or so. It’s healthy to have a balance of the elements […]

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