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Light Jacket

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Do you ever throw a jacket over your outfit even though you know there’s no chance you’re going to be cold enough to need it? Yeah me too. Not being able to layer in 100 degree temps is something summer Catherine struggles with, and that’s exactly why fall is my favorite season. But every now […]

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Warmed Up

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In the spirit of style evolution, I’ve been working on tweaking how I wear some of my all-time favorite trends. Black and white remains my favorite combo, but these days I find that I like it best when I can find a way to warm it up a bit. Whether that’s with softer textures, or […]

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Style Evolution

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How often do you evolve your style? Do you stick to the same look for years and years or do you like to reinvent yourself? Sometimes I think we feel beholden to a typical style that we at some point declared as our own. Everyone wants to have a certain level of consistency and ownership to how […]

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Thoughtful Shopping

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As I progress through my thirties, something that has been on my mind when it comes to shopping is the phrase “disposable fashion.” The things we buy from H&M or Forever21 without much analysis and just say “whatever, I can wear it for a season and then get rid of it.” Fashion should be fun […]

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I’ve been a bit slow to get back to the normal routine after the lonnnng holiday weekend. I had two quick work days, then was off to Santa Barbara on Friday to celebrate my bestie’s birthday. But hey – this is what summer is for! I’m doing my best to be a summer person ever since moving […]

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Is there anything more summery than navy and white stripes? Year after year, this remains my favorite summer color combo and my closet shows it. Fresh white is a dream on sunkissed skin and navy feels like the perfect summer alternative to black. Timeless and so easy to wear. Paired with any version of a […]

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I’ve never been one to hide my love for the stars and stripes around the patriotic times of the year. I don’t know what it is but Americana just appeals to me. In large doses. Quite contrary to how I feel about other showy holiday themes. I’m in the midst of throwing together a 4th […]

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Painter Whites


There are certain little style triggers that get me thinking about an outfit, and then a whole entire story to go with it. When I first came across this paint store near my house the week before we moved in (during our first of many painting extravaganzas), my mind went to an all-white overalls outfit on […]

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No Brainer White Dress

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Is it just me or do clothes at Target register as free in your brain? I mean, if we go there for something respectable like laundry detergent or paper towels, if a cute dress manages to make its way into your cart, it’s not like you went shopping for clothes like a terrible person would. […]

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Blush + Bamboo


Last week felt like a whole bunch of weeks piled into one with all of my current projects reaching their peaks at the same time. I hosted my second Fashion Feng Shui workshop on Saturday which I’m still on a high from, and Sunday we spent Fathers Day swimming, grilling, sipping piña coladas (Ian’s request) and […]

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