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Well, 2016 sure was a year that did not go at all how I thought it would. Rewind to New Years Eve 2015. I was all excited cuddling my 2-month old Sailor, still in lots of pain, physically and emotionally weak, and going “2016 is the year I get my groove back, starting tomorrow!” I was convinced I’d get my childcare in order immediately, start working again, and find that balance that all new working mothers want to find. Still to this day, I’m blown away by how much that did NOT happen until the very end of the year. All through 2016, I struggled to find the balance, turned down some styling jobs, missed some fun events, relied only on the times my mom was in town to get anything done (not the best plan), and couldn’t find the time I needed to keep up with the blog in the way I wanted. Looking back though, my biggest regret now that 2016 is behind me is not that I couldn’t do more for myself, it’s that I wish I could have found more peace in that reality and just let it be what it was. But I kept fighting the uphill battle. This is something I desperately need to work on – being at peace with the struggle and and the mess, and finding the beauty in it. Breathing easier through it. Not trying to fight it. For now though, I’m going to see it as a valuable lesson rather than a failure. We can’t win em all and this motherhood thing is f*cking HARD.



What 2016 did do was teach me how to be a loving mom, who doesn’t have daily breakdowns anymore (score!). It taught me how to be patient and enjoy the little things in a day, even if there’s a big part of me that’s wishing more was getting done. Patient on a larger scale too, as Sailor is now at an age where taking care of her demands a lot less of me physically as it did in the beginning. It showed me how important my family is, how important sleep is. ;) It showed me how special this time is, and just how efficient I have to be in order to have that balance I want. It showed me how I’m going to have to let go of the things that don’t serve me.



2016 forced me to prioritize with my business. Previously I had been splitting my time evenly between 3 subbusinesses – personal styling, wardrobe styling for TV/photo shoots, and blogging. Sure, they’re all closely related, but trying to do all three meant that each business was a 1/3 part-time business, and I was a jack of all trades in my little category, but a master of none. I was kind of all over the place, dabbling in a TV job here and there but never actively pursuing them until another one came along, never having time to promote my styling services, and then abandoning my blog when I get busy with one of the other categories. At some point early in the year I had the realization that I need to hone in on my goals for myself and my business, let go of some expectations, and focus only on the more important things.



What can you expect from me in 2017? You are going to be seeing a lot more of me and The Life Styled. This blog, the content I create, and connecting with you guys who share similar interests are my passion (even if 2016 didn’t show it). We finally got some childcare. After moving into our home in October (the other huge change in 2016), we found a part-time nanny who we love and can work with my fluctuating schedule – SO hard to find. I’m finally able to take the time I need to create more content, develop ideas, be creative, and see some projects come to life that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I definitely learned that these things don’t happen magically, and that I need help in order to do them. I’m so happy to be on the other side of that realization, and ready to face this year head on. I can’t wait to show you guys what’s next! Get ready for more style inspiration, home updates, baby and mom musings, cocktail recipes, DIY projects, health and fitness, beauty product obsessions, AND get ready to look at your style (and yourself!) in ways you never have before! More on that VERY soon.

I’d love to hear how you guys find balance in your life, and what are some of your resolutions? Leave me some ideas in the comments!

My Minnesota uniform (brrr) : coat (old Club Monaco but I love this one) / hat / jeans / boots / scarf / gloves (old from Gilt but these are fun) / lip color / my grandmother’s vintage purse


Gingham Party


You know how every fashion blogger has an “I’m having so much fun and someone just said something hilarious” face? We all do. Mine always has a wide open mouth, as if the laughter in the moment is just soooo unavoidable even though there happens to be a camera there, because just a straight ear-to-ear smile looks kind of lame on me. But in the laughing shot a few photos down the page, I’m actually really cracking up because two guys drove by Heather and I while we were shooting and in oddly quiet voices out their window said, “Right there. Don’t move.” Normally I’m not the first to want to enable a blogger heckler, but in that moment it was the most hilarious thing I’d ever heard. They were totally making fun of me, but maybe I just felt confident in this dress so I was ready for anything a passer by might throw at me. I mean, it hides any problem areas, but shows enough shoulder and leg to not feel like I’m in a frumpy mumu. I love the black and white gingham for transitioning into fall – a little more moody than the typical navy or red but still light and summery enough for the inevitable 90 degree type days we’ll experience for another month or two. The swingy shape  of the dress and flouncy ruffle say “Hi, I’m here to enjoy myself.” Basically, in this outfit I felt like I had nothing to be embarrassed about so heckle away!









Dress / Shoes (old) / Purse (old) / Sunglasses (designer sunglasses you can wear til you’re sick of them and then swap for a new pair! Use code THELIFESTYLED for your first month free) / Cuff (old)

Similar options below!


Photography by Heather Kincaid


Farm Girl

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I’ve been a total city girl since I graduated high school and left for college in New York. I guess I always knew that rural life wasn’t for me, so I was itching to get out at 18. But once I was gone and settled into my life in the city, going back home became a total novelty. I loved touching down for visits to MN and getting to hole up in my home town for as long as I could possibly get away. The trip we took last month was the first one with Sailor, and I truly could have stayed for the rest of the year and been happy. It’s so peaceful, so beautiful, and life is so easy there. Sunny summer evenings on the country roads, in a simple breezy dress and straw hat – there’s nothing better.

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Hat / Dress / Boots


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Every summer I tend to pick a couple of casual, beat up items in my wardrobe that get worn over and over again for those months. Not on purpose, but the slower pace and laid back vibe of the season prompts me to choose my outfits with the least bit of thought possible, and stick with what works. This vintage Aerosmith tee was a Melrose thrift find and I have been wearing it a ton over the past couple of years. I love the fraying, faded black fabric and Americana throwback vibe it gives off for summer. Here I paired it with some white flares, black western booties, a mens denim jacket, and a fringe bucket bag in my hometown for beers at the local bar. Summer at its finest!

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jacket / t-shirt / jeans / boots / sunglasses (use code THELIFESTYLED for your first month free!) / purse / anchor cuff

White Out


IMG_4454 copy

I’ve been back in LA for about a week after our trip to Minnesota, and I’m still noticing ways it did me good. Whenever I spend time there, I get to take a step back and see my life in bigger picture form rather than getting stressed out about all the noise that surrounds me day-to-day. Life is much slower paced, quieter, simpler, and much more serene there. I love how it feels like nothing has changed in my little home town. We go for walks down the same path we always have, past the spot Ian and I got married 7 years ago and down to the same coffee shop that’s been the exact same since I was a kid. This time was a little different since it was the first time I’ve been back home with a baby in tow (what happened to all that extra sleep I used to get there?), but it was so wonderful in new ways too. Sailor explored every corner of my childhood home, was the star of the show with all the family members who came to see her, and she came back a much older, wiser baby. ;) I love that when I’m in the midwest, I get to dial it down a few notches. I enjoy packing because I’m not worrying about calculating the perfect outfits. It’s just – is it easy, is it comfy, is it fun? This outfit was all those things, and perfect for an evening stroll through the Carleton College campus.

IMG_4543 copy

IMG_4442 copy

IMG_4579 copy

IMG_4462 copy







IMG_4569 copy

IMG_4505 copy

IMG_4452 copyIMG_4492 copy


Sweater (similar) / Shorts / Sandals / Sunglasses / Purse (vintage)

Trench Vest

0164 copy

Before living in SoCal, I never understood trends that negated the original purpose of the garment: backless sweaters, peep toe booties, vest jackets. They made zero sense for the extreme hot or extreme cold temps we often experienced in NYC or Minnesota. A trench vest sounded like a cute idea, but never would have gotten worn when it came down to it. This piece may not do a whole lot to keep me warm in colder temps, but it DOES add a layer and some interest to an outfit. And I’m a girl who loves to layer (I get depressed when it’s too hot to keep adding more clothes), so I perked up when I saw this one. I love that it makes a simple t-shirt and jeans feel more like a styled look, and could also work just as well over a summery dress and sandals.

0158 copy

0154 copy

0156 copy

0161 copy

0151 copy

0160 copy

0148 copy

Vest / Shirt (from the NYU bookstore but this site sells cool worn-in college tees) / Jeans / Boots / Hat (love this straw version of it for summer) / Bag (totally want it in navy and gray too) / Watch

Photography by Heather Kincaid

New Mom Life

I58A5582 copy

I can’t tell you guys how good it feels to be writing this post right now. Ever since Sailor was born, the idea of blogging has been this looming thing over me that has always managed to be just out of reach. My big plan in becoming a mom (a plan – how cute) was to take the remainder of 2015 off and then come back to my old life with a bang on January 1st. Adorable of me, I know. The first 3 months of motherhood were extra challenging for me as they are for many (see here and here for more on that). Yet somehow I still managed to think that having my shit together was just around the corner. Then I came back from the holidays to a harsh realization that I was not at all ready to be a working mom. Heck, I still wasn’t sure if I was ready to be a mom period as I was still randomly bursting into tears regularly (you know – hormones, emotions, challenges, personal growth). Yet here I was with a 3 month old baby, and expecting myself to be awesome at it.

I58A5406 copy

I58A5072 copy

I58A5240 copy

I58A5296 copy

I can understand how this might be a difficult thing to sympathize with since my job as a stylist/blogger gets to largely be on my own terms, and often on my own schedule as styling gigs are temporary and somewhat easy to pick and choose. My own brand/blog is something I get to be the boss of. But while it may seem like blogging isn’t “work,” when you think of it in terms of finding time to properly prep and shoot a unique post that I can be proud of, and then write it from the heart without constant distraction/interruption, and do that with regularity my readers can rely on… then blogging is more similar than you think to other jobs new moms go back to. The circumstances might be different, but the level of challenge is the same. I’m super lucky in that I get to be available for Sailor, but being present for myself and my work is a challenge that takes a lot of effort and sacrifice to rise to. That’s tough in its own different way.

I58A5256 copy

I58A5371 copy

I58A5220 copy

I58A5411 copy

In sitting down to write this post, my intention was to talk about how I’ve settled into my new role as a mom, especially as a person who was never really excited to have children. My mind is a jumble and I struggle to find the words to describe it because in the 5.5 months that she’s been here, I’ve gone completely from shell shocked/hesitant/freaked out new mom to doting/loving/nurturing new mom. I don’t know how it happened but it did. It took awhile though, and the transformation is still in progress. In the beginning, I didn’t feel immediately changed as a person by her arrival. I felt like the person I always was who just had a bomb dropped on her life. I would try to manage caring for her with the pain of breastfeeding with all my usual priorities like a work To Do list, a clean house, and manicured nails (important things). Each thing felt so impossible, and I thought, how will this ever feel normal? How will I ever get to do something for myself again?

I58A5798 copy

I58A5093 copy

I58A5463 copy

As 2016 got started, social media was abuzz with friends, colleagues, and fellow bloggers posting about all their amazing goals for the year and how this was going to be “the year.” While I was supposed to feel like this would be my greatest year yet because Sailor is now in my life, I was [shamefully] feeling held back. I was thrilled to be her mom, but also wanted so badly to have my own goals for myself. Incidentally, on December 31st I was offered a styling job that would have taken place in the British Virgin Islands for several weeks. It was a job that would have been my biggest yet in a lot of ways. I turned it down as Sailor was only 4 months and while the thought of bringing her along to be with me there with my mom as our full time nanny seemed somehow doable for a second, there really was no way to work a 12-hour day in a foreign place with a tiny baby, and with her dad left at home. But saying no to work was a very new thing for me. This marked the beginning of a rough patch as I tried to figure out how to be a working mom. Each day would pass and along with all the regular daily challenges of motherhood, if I didn’t also finish some big work project, I would feel like I failed.

I58A5714 copy

I58A5673 copy

I58A5648 copy

I58A5502 copy

But then one day in late January I finally had a huge a-ha moment. I realized that this is a time in my life I will look back on longingly and wish I could get back. Motherhood IS my goal for 2016, and one that I should never discredit. This is one time that I need to give myself a break, and not hold myself to any resolutions, other than being a good mom to this precious baby girl. No, I’m not going to be able to take every project that comes my way. No, I’m not going to be able to blog everyday. No, I’m not going to always feel like I got a ton of work done in a day. But I do get to be Sailor’s mom right now. It’s her first year on this planet, and that’s the best thing I could be a part of. And you know what? Here’s the crazy part. As soon as I realized that, many of those personal priorities started to find their way back. I booked a fun styling gig which I can do from home on a flexible schedule, and am now managing to blog again with lots of new content on the docket that I’m inspired and excited about (some of the old favorites stuff like outfits, cocktails, home, and beauty, and some new lifestyle categories like baby products that don’t ruin your design-conscious life).  I’ve also been bringing Sailor out and about with me since she was 2 months old which used to feel so challenging, but now it’s like second nature to us and it keeps us both sane. She’s my little sidekick.

I58A5625 copy

I58A5610 copy

So now I’m seeing how this is going to work. I’m finally starting to understand how I might be able to do life my way, as a mom. Yes, in order to do it, I’m going to need help from others, and I’m not going to be able to get as much work done in a day as I used to. But I do get to do it all with this added new title on my name tag. It’s a role that fills my life with inspiration, love, joy, new learning curves and experiences, challenges and more fun and happiness than ever before. All things that will make me better at what I do. I also firmly believe that finding time for myself and keeping work as a priority will make me a better mother.

Thanks for being here, guys. I really do love sharing my life with you and I really appreciate the words of support and stories of your own experiences. I’ve always wanted this blog to be a place for style inspiration in all aspects of life, but I also want it to grow with me and take on new topics as my life does. So you can expect to see all of the old favorite stuff like outfits, styling tips, cocktails, beauty, and home, along with some new lifestyle categories that incorporate things I’m inspired by on the mom front. If you have any requests of things you’d like to see, feel free to send them my way. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy sharing. It’s good to be back!

I58A5690 copy

On me : Dress / Shoes / Bag / Sunglasses / Watch / Bracelet / Phone case (similar) / On Sailor : Top / Pants / Mocs / Stroller / Stroller organizer / Whale toy / Knit toy (similar)

Photography by Heather Kincaid 

Bits of Flare


There’s no time like after having a baby to find yourself falling back on low maintenance outfit routines, and relying on tried and true staples to keep you dressed for the world as opposed to staying in your pj’s all day. But after wearing nothing but basics for months, a girl needs to spice things up just a little bit. In updating my post-baby wardrobe, I was hit with a strong revelation that I needed jeans other than ripped skinnies and tops other than t-shirts. I’m the first to talk about how much I love good basics, but then when your closet is full of them and not much else, you feel like you’re setting yourself up for constant styling challenges to make those basics work for every occasion. And who wants to be challenged all the time? So as my mission for non-basics commenced, I found these extra long flares on sale (score!) and white macrame swing top. Both are just as easy to style as anything else in my closet – maybe even easier because they don’t need much “styling” at all – but they add a bit more interest than the usual. I like how these pieces can be dressed up for evening or down for day. With my leather jacket and cateye sunnies, I felt a little bit 50’s rebel girl, and a little bit 70’s hippy. A combo that worked together to form an outfit perfect for a 2016 dinner out with girlfriends.

P.S. I’m back! I know I’ve been kind of MIA for longer than I anticipated (then again, how does one truly know what to anticipate after having their first baby?) after Sailor was born, but here I am. I’ve got so much new content coming up that I can’t wait to share! I’m posting on Instagram or Snapchat daily too, so feel free to follow me on those (@thelifestyled) if you want to stay connected on more of the daily happenings.








JeansTop /  Jacket / Similar BootsSunglasses / Clutch / Bracelets (gold, silver) / Luv AJ ring via Rocksbox (my new favorite jewelry source! Sign up and get one free month membership with code thelifestyledxoxo)


Maternity Photos


In the midst of all the baby prep, doing a maternity photo shoot had kind of fell off my radar. Even though I feel it’s important to document this special time and had always assumed I would do one, I had let it slip to the back of my mind where it may have remained until it was too late. So when my dear friend Heather suggested we do a shoot when I was 33 weeks pregnant (she’s three weeks ahead of me in her own pregnancy!), I realized it was now or never. To be completely honest, the style shoots I do for the blog can be kind of intense and stressful at times – trying to piece together the perfect outfit and obsessing over every accessory all while trying not to mess up my makeup and hair or lose the good sunlight… but this one was totally different. I put zero prep into it – rushed home from a doctors appointment, went to the very small maternity section of my closet to pull out a few dresses, quickly put some makeup on, and away we went. It was so relaxed and fun, sharing pregnancy stories and laughing together. I felt free to not worry about flattering angles or “sucking it in” because a) that’s obviously futile in this case, and b) this time it’s about something much more meaningful. It actually surprised me to notice how much focusing on how I might look usually has a tendency to take over my thoughts when I’m having my picture taken – something I’m going to make a mental note to be less concerned with in the future. It’s way more fun when I feel more relaxed, and it probably shows. In the end, I’m so glad Heather made this shoot happen. Now I have these amazing photos to look back at after our daughter comes into the world, and remember this time when she was such a big part of me even though I hadn’t even met her yet.























A Pea in the Pod white dress / Rachel Zoe black and white caftan / Falcon & Bloom sheer dress (similar) / Old Navy gray romper / Freshly Picked moccasins / Gap cat sweater / Gerber top / Burt’s Bees pants / Gap socks / Rugs USA nursery rug & bedroom rug / Babyletto crib / Land of Nod crib sheet & bookcase / Mr. Maria Miffy bunny lamp

ALSO, thanks so much to my friends at 100 Layer Cakelet who also featured this shoot. Head on over there if you’re just dying to see more! ;)

Maternity BF Jeans 3 Ways


If there’s one thing I absolutely can’t live without during pregnancy it’s a good pair of maternity jeans (or several apparently, as illustrated in my video all about this subject). I’ve been loving the ones A Pea in the Pod and Destination Maternity have to offer, and they just came out with a new pair of boyfriend jeans in their own line that’s been getting a lot of wear over here.  Today I’m excited to be a guest editor on their blog, sharing 3 ways to style these jeans. Hop on over there to see the rest!