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It’s only fitting that I’m introducing WATER, the first of this five part series on the elements of Fashion Feng Shui, with such an emotional feeling in my heart… that’s such a water thing to say. But I am emotional about this. Not only have I been working harder than I have in a long time to […]

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The Great


I don’t often share brand lookbooks on here but every now and then one just really grabs me. Summer is on the horizon and I’m already getting excited for longer days, a slower pace, and comfortable, breezy staples in rotation. The warming temps always prompt a desire for a lighter, less analytical wardrobe and in my book, […]

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Color Code / Rose Quartz + Serenity

The Life Styled Pantone 2016 Rose Quartz Serenity

When Pantone announced that the colors of 2016 were what they call rose quartz and serenity, I thought “Yes. They get me.” I know I’m more of a black/white/gold girl but when it comes to color, there are few nuanced shades that I just love.  This is a dreamy combo that’s certainly more playful than […]

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Nashville Snaps


Going to Nashville was on my bucket list for 2015, so I jumped at the chance to head there with my oldest girlfriends for some country music, farm-to-table dinners, lemonade on the porch, great coffee, and local shopping. It was hotter than you could imagine which made the pregnancy symptoms come out ten fold (swollen feet […]

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Color Code / Gold


If it isn’t already obvious, gold is kind of my thing.  My home has gold details scattered in everything from the bar cart down to the fridge magnets and of course, the golden dinosaurs (must haves for all). There isn’t any part of my life that doesn’t have a little touch of this metal to it. […]

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Color Code / Mist


When it comes to pastels, it doesn’t get more soothing than a dusty blue. The thing about this color that mystifies me is how natural it is to style in an edgy way (hi Givenchy Pandora). It’s soft and subtle yet makes a big statement for anyone (like me) who avoids wearing color. I’d work this […]

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New YouTube Channel

Ahhh! I am so excited to finally share my FIRST EVER YouTube video! This is huge for me as it’s something I have always wanted to do but I just felt too scared. I guess I just didn’t know where to begin. I knew I wanted it to be more authentic and personal than “professional,” so […]

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Color Code / Camel


Western wear is in full force this year, and while fringe plays a big role, there’s a color that is stronger than ever. Camel is everywhere you look this season. Pick up any fashion magazine this month and you’ll find suede jackets, skirts, and sandals in this golden hue. It’s a color that reaches for […]

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A New Project

Baby 1

I’m so excited to share with you guys my newest project: a baby girl due October 18th! Of course you can expect more details and inspiration to come but for now Ian and I are just so happy to be able to come out of hiding and share the news. We’re so thrilled to be adding […]

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Hello April


April! This might be the one time in the year that we can say “I thought it would never come,” instead of “How is it already here?” With those long winter months behind us, April is all about springing back to life as the days get longer and warmer. We’re finally breaking out of our hibernation and looking forward […]

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