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Today we’re talking about the fourth element of Fashion Feng Shui: EARTH. It’s funny because this is the element I have always felt I’m the furthest away from, but in prepping these posts I realized how much I’ve connected with it the past year or so. It’s healthy to have a balance of the elements […]

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Annnd we’re back in Fashion Feng Shui class! Last week, I hosted my first workshop on this very subject – something I’ve been wanting to do for years! I’ll be sharing all the details about it and how you can sign up for my next one soon. But today, we’re here to talk about element number […]

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Welcome back to Fashion Feng Shui class! Before we move on to the second element, I want to take a moment to say a big thank you to all who have read through my intro post and the first element (water), and are following along with this series! I am SO loving sharing this concept […]

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It’s only fitting that I’m introducing WATER, the first of this five part series on the elements of Fashion Feng Shui, with such an emotional feeling in my heart… that’s such a water thing to say. But I am emotional about this. Not only have I been working harder than I have in a long time to […]

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Poncho Dreams

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Some things are just meant to be. This poncho is one of those things. I was perusing on my best kept (not really) secret The Outnet and while I always see a ton of Isabel Marant pieces that catch my eye, this one basically had a flashing red light on it, screaming at me to […]

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You know those pieces that just speak for themselves? I’m talking about the ones that when you wear them, you don’t have to spend a second thinking about the rest of the outfit because they ARE the outfit. These are the types of things we never want to spend money on because they’re not always […]

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Well, 2016 sure was a year that did not go at all how I thought it would. Rewind to New Years Eve 2015. I was all excited cuddling my 2-month old Sailor, still in lots of pain, physically and emotionally weak, and going “2016 is the year I get my groove back, starting tomorrow!” I was […]

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Gingham Party


You know how every fashion blogger has an “I’m having so much fun and someone just said something hilarious” face? We all do. Mine always has a wide open mouth, as if the laughter in the moment is just soooo unavoidable even though there happens to be a camera there, because just a straight ear-to-ear smile […]

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Farm Girl

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I’ve been a total city girl since I graduated high school and left for college in New York. I guess I always knew that rural life wasn’t for me, so I was itching to get out at 18. But once I was gone and settled into my life in the city, going back home became […]

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Every summer I tend to pick a couple of casual, beat up items in my wardrobe that get worn over and over again for those months. Not on purpose, but the slower pace and laid back vibe of the season prompts me to choose my outfits with the least bit of thought possible, and stick with […]

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