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No Brainer White Dress

521A6555 copy

Is it just me or do clothes at Target register as free in your brain? I mean, if we go there for something respectable like laundry detergent or paper towels, if a cute dress manages to make its way into your cart, it’s not like you went shopping for clothes like a terrible person would. […]

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Blush + Bamboo


Last week felt like a whole bunch of weeks piled into one with all of my current projects reaching their peaks at the same time. I hosted my second Fashion Feng Shui workshop on Saturday which I’m still on a high from, and Sunday we spent Fathers Day swimming, grilling, sipping piña coladas (Ian’s request) and […]

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Tuck Hotel

3R1A2786 copy

Often times when people ask me about good hotels to stay at in LA, I kind of draw a blank. As a local, I always hear the names of places and have been in the lobby bar of a few of them, but how many hotels have I actually seen a room in? Probably about […]

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Boho Blush and Black

3R1A6051 copy

  I’m on a boho top kick and I don’t think it’s stopping anytime soon. This particular one was an immediate yes. The colors are so me and the style is so what I’m into right now. I love the asymmetrical embroidery and the gathering on the sleeves. It’s lightweight and breezy yet there’s just […]

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The Perfect Top

3R1A2472 copy

This top! Last year I got my hands on the dress version and almost didn’t keep it because it was quite voluminous and short, but once I started wearing it I couldn’t believe I almost returned it. So this year, the top version came into my life and it’s honestly the BEST for a night […]

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Summer Separates


I’ve definitely talked about my love of matching separates before. There’s nothing like two pieces that are just as strong apart as they are together, because it’s like 3 outfits in one. When I saw this getup at Target, it was a no brainer. I love the frills of the top that also pair perfectly […]

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A New Kind of Everyday

3R1A2427 copy

I’m always on the lookout for things to wear everyday when I need something a bit more fun than jeans and tee, but equally as low maintenance. Heading out for a day of errands, a quick work meeting, or having lunch with a friend – all occasions that don’t require overthinking but the throw-ons I […]

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No Bright Colors

3R1A4782 copy

What happens when you go around town talking all about how much you hate bright colors and how you never wear them, and then you go and find a dress like this and immediately say, “sign me up”? Well for one, you wear the dress. Second, you admit to being a “no colors” poser and hang […]

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3R1A2793 copy

We all love to dress up and go out once in awhile, but so many of the times I do, I find myself cursing one of my fashion decisions. Heels that are too high or a dress that is too uncomfortable. But when you find that one dress that is both chic and on point, […]

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The Perfect Crop

3R1A2082 copy

I held back for so long from jumping on the crop top bandwagon. Here’s what I don’t like: having to buy certain pieces specifically to wear with other pieces that have a list of requirements in order to wear them. I like it when everything in the closet kind of effortlessly works together and mixes […]

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