Channel It: The Sound of Music

Ever since I was a little girl, I have never been able to get enough of the hills, Maria, Georg, and the Von Trapps – and after our “Choose the next Channel It” poll, I see that I am not alone! The Sound of Music won by a landslide, and I have to say I was hoping it would! While Maria certainly knows how to rock her bowl cut, burlap dresses, and single handedly turn those drapes into seven different outfits (some of which might even translate into today’s fashion – check out the strong shoulders on Brigitta’s drape dress!), I can’t help but picture what they might be wearing if the film took place in the 2010’s, while of course still maintaining their classic signature looks.

I Have Confidence

I’d like to think that on Maria’s trek from the abbey to the Von Trapp estate, she would stop for Starbucks for a Skinny Vanilla Latte – extra hot. She deserves a little treat after all that time she spent around women who see her as nothing but “a problem.” When she finally arrives to meet the family, there’s no way the captain would have anything bad to say about this little getup, especially when he feasts his eyes on the perfectly draped top after she removes her Topshop boucle jacket. And you know Liesl would be eyeing her Burberry bag…

I Have ConfidenceI Have Confidence by thelifestyled featuring Burberry bags

16 Going on 17

We all know how things end up with Leisl’s first boyfriend. Dating a Nazi almost never works out, and she knows that now. But oh that lovely dress she got to wear when prancing around the gazebo with Rolfe! Had she known he was going to show up, perhaps she might have brushed a bit of NARS Orgasm blush and Turkish Delight lip gloss on before the impromptu date. It also may have been suitable to grab a silk Chanel umbrella before she slipped out, considering that her soaking wet hair and chiffon dress were a dead giveaway of her shenanigans after getting caught in the rain. And I know what you’re thinking – why are a 16 and 17 year old drinking champagne in this scenario? It’s Austria, people. They don’t really have a drinking age, and no one is driving…. unless you count Rolfe’s bike.

16 Going on 1716 Going on 17 by thelifestyled featuring Christian Louboutin shoes

Do Re Mi

When I was little, I wanted nothing more than to be included in Maria and the childrens’ daily jaunts around Salzburg, singing and having a marvelous time. Maria of today might not be able to compete with the amazingness of the original drape clothes (plus, that was a special situation that required her to be creative with what she had), and I’d like to think the children’s outfits would coordinate rather than match exactly, or else they’d likely attract quite a few stares. Luckily, nowadays they’d be able to capture all their memories and musical rehearsals on their trusty Flip camera. Something tells me Kurt would be in charge of that. He’s so incorrigible, that one.

Do Re MiDo Re Mi by thelifestyled featuring Giambattista Valli dresses

Especially at this time of year, there’s no better daydream than the one where you’re frolicking in the hills and singing at the top of your lungs like Maria. And who says you can’t actually make it happen? Just find the nearest hill, and make sure you dress for the occasion.


  1. Ok, I LOVE this post! Seriously you had me sitting here legit laughing out loud. A few of My Favorite Things:
    – on Maria’s trek from the abbey to the Von Trapp estate, she would stop for Starbucks on the way for a Skinny Vanilla Latte

    – Dating a Nazi almost never works out (couldn’t have said it better myself!)

    – Fashion-wise – OBSESSED with the skirt in I Have Confidence…yum!

    – NARS Orgasm is still my go-to…

    Great article!!

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  3. amy lee 02/11/2010 Reply

    I too am obsessed Maria’s skirt! Love the post, I’m inspired!

  4. Love it! Love it! Love it! I would love to see your take on Gone with the Wind!

  5. OK, I am obvi a little behind on your blog here… but I love this! So cute. I can’t think of a better fashion icon than Leisl, even if her romantic moves and choice of a Nazi boyfriend are a bit questionable. I second the vote for GWTW though! The mention of converting drapes into clothing really got me thinking about it. I wonder if the recession will last long enough to make that necessary.

  6. I was pleasantly surprised when I found your site today. I was just playing with Stumbleupon and I came across your page! Awesome blog you have here!