Cloud Nap

In the middle of a busy week, sometimes all I want to do is lay down for an afternoon nap; wake-up TBD. After many years of stalking these luscious clouds of softness by Matteo, I finally found my way to their showroom in LA’s art district and picked up some of my very own.{}{}

Matteo’s LA Showroom

The linens come in an array of dreamy fabrics like  washed cotton, linen, nubby knits, and gauze.  Their soft, lived-in feel makes you want to get a running start and sink in, yet they have a very modern style with a touch of edge and mystery, making them a most inspiring wardrobe in which to dress my bed. I can’t wait to go back and get more pieces to add to the mix, but in the meantime I will try to steal some daytime slumber.


Photos: Matteo, Pinterest, LA Times


  1. When I read your headline, I instantly thought of cloud as in “cloud computing”… And I did wonder what a centralized nap like this would look like. Maybe this thought is fueled by the wish to have a nap, right here in front of my computer, cloud or not :-)

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  2. Oh man, those beds look totally crawl-in-able!

    1. Elizabeth 05/04/2011

      Once a Hanson, always a Hanson. Love your naps.

  3. So beautiful! I can just picture myself curling up in those beds and falling fast asleep. Or maybe that’s just what my urge is for anything at the moment. Still – they look so amazingly comfortable!

  4. Christine Hanson 05/04/2011 Reply


  5. Thank showroom looks insanely good – love the crates!