Color Code / Silver


With the recent revival of Birkenstocks, flannels, and Clueless references, it seems we’ve taken a step into the past these days. While I can appreciate some 90’s nostalgia, I’m even more on board with a futuristic approach. I normally lean towards gold when choosing metallics, but there’s a cool, fresh vibe in silver that’s been catching my eye recently.  The crispness of a good chrome metallic perfectly elevates any look without feeling too loud or too fancy. Wether it’s more of a statement piece or a small accessory, this color stays versatile yet keeps things interesting. So move over gold, silver is in first place this season.

Color Code / Silver

Topshop striped top / Saint Laurent sleeveless motorcycle jacket / Arteriors bar cart / Madewell oxford / Vince Camutto earrings / Gwen Stefani for OPI nail polish / Othermix metallic skirt / Karl Lagerfeld leather tote / Mirror Image Home mirror / Rablabs coasters / Michael Kors watch / Kathy Ireland pillow / 8 bracelet / J Crew pumps
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