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As much as I would love to wear inspired, complex, impeccably accessorized outfits as I sit in my home office doing work, leaving only to walk Kenzie or make a quick run to Starbucks (gotta get enough stars in my virtual cup to reach that gold membership!), it’s unfortunately not the case. Frankly, my most frequently worn items involve stretchy waistbands and v-necks… but to live The Life Styled is to feel glamorous in even the quiet, non-monumental parts of your day. That’s why we have Heidi Klum’s new line for New Balance, available on Amazon today. It’s a little on the higher end for lounge/workout wear (prices range from $32 for a sports bra to $168 for a sweatshirt/dress) but these pieces will take you through it all – tweets to blog posts to e-mails to Whole Foods, all the while feeling cute and effortlessly stylish. I’m loving the leggings, sweatpants, long sweatshirts, and winged tops…


  1. I love the long sweatshirt dress! Might have t pick one of those up asap!

  2. I looked at the pics before I read your post, and though WOW that looks like the project runway guy’s work. Is he unoriginal or what? hah. Shaking my head, it pays to read!

    1. Hi Mia, you really meant to dress Emelia up, those are hioarilus photos.Also Jake photo with his new hair cut, he so cute, cant wait to see him in June, it around the corner.Love Tio & Tia