Cut Out

I bought this top at Topshop last year but until recently had only maybe worn it once. Here’s the thing: the cutouts in the back are pretty gaping and tend to attract gawking stares from any families with small children I may pass on the street. So, I had been saving it for the perfect occasion – a sassy girls night out or a date in a city where I might never be seen again. In this case it was the latter, and the city was Savannah, GA where we went to dinner at The Olde Pink house – a fantastic restaurant in an old mansion that was once owned by a confederate general. We sat in the tiny wine cellar that they called The Vault because it was once a bank vault in the 1800’s – a dimly lit room that was only big enough to hold the two of us.

We snapped these photos in a hallway at our hotel before venturing out into the rain for the evening. My favorite ripped boyfriend jeans grounded the outfit while the spikey heels added a touch of elegance and edge just right for the eery city. I wrapped my bird print sequined scarf around my shoulders to protect me from the downpour, and any particular moments draftiness in the back region. I may not have normally mixed all these components together, but with this outfit I felt tuned in to the city’s eclectic spirit.

Topshop top, Zara jeans and scarf, Fleur of England bra, Sam Edelman heels, Alexander Wang bag, H&M ring, Gel manicure c/o Bellacures
 Photos by Ian Sheppard


  1. I love this outfit. I think I`d wear it with a bandeau bra, because a bigger a little lacy black part might look even better. The cutouts are great, though, really!
    I also think you shouldn`t save the shirt, rock it, because you can and it suits you!

  2. I totally laughed to myself about the families gawking because I know exactly what you mean! You make it look awesome though! I love this edgy and flirty outfit. So pretty.

  3. I love that you’re giving Savannah a well deserved shout out. I lived there for almost 8 years and I miss it so much. It really is a great city and this outfit fits perfectly with the eclectic artsy vibe it has!

  4. Hello,

    I have been looking for this scarf for ages and I was wondered if by any chance you got ried of yours and would like to sell it? :)

    Thank you in advance for your answer (even negative!)