Don’t Sweat It

Graphic Sweatshirts
Row 1: ElevenParis, Markus Lupfer, Brian Lichtenberg, Row 2: Topshop, Christopher Kane, Forever21, Row 3: Madewell, Mother of Pearl, Kenzo

Every morning while I’m still half asleep and getting ready for our family walk with the pups, the first thing I always want to reach for is a cozy sweatshirt – especially as the air gets crisper this season. I can’t help but feel a little bit guilty since I’m the first to preach about putting intention into your choices when getting dressed, “even if you’re just walking the dogs,” I say. Yet there I am in the mens’ zip-up hoodie AND sweatpants, shlepping around town, and running into friends and acquaintances when I least expect it. There’s a new game changer though that might just get me off the hook. Graphic sweatshirts are now on the table as a solid style choice, making a fashion forward statement and complimenting a leather mini skirt and ankle boots just as well as they do a pair of boyfriend jeans, sneakers, and pups in tow. I’ll take one of each please!



  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I love all your choices so much. I’m in la and lately when I wake up to take my dog for a walk or my son to the playground I’m so cold and really just want to pull on a sweatshirt but still look somewhat fashionable and put together. These are perfect!!

  2. thelifestyled 10/28/2013 Reply

    Thanks Candice! I know the feeling. Early morning walks call for cozy but it’s nice to find some options to help us not look “shleppy”!