Everyday Black




Club Monaco blazer and bag, American Apparel tee, J.Crew jeans, Converse sneakers, D&G sunglasses, Michael Kors watch, Kate Spade earrings

I think everyone has a go-to uniform. I don’t just mean a general look that we tend to gravitate towards, I mean an actual uniform – the same exact few pieces that we consistently reach for before anything else when we’re getting ready in the morning. For me, this is that outfit. If I had to get dressed with my eyes closed, I would automatically reach for this American Apparel tri-blend gray v-neck (I have a few of them), dark skinny jeans, and a black blazer. If I’m feeling like I need some extra comfort (if I have a long day of shopping ahead of me), I’ll do these glittery sneakers with soft socks instead of the other usual choice of my black flats. What makes this look work so well for everyday is that it feels comfortable and unfussy, yet it still can look put together enough for anything the day might throw at me.


  1. I love the blazer! :)

  2. I adore this entire look! It is so fabulous. I do have similar things that I always go to, which usually include a blazer, striped shirt underneath and knee-high boots over jeans. It never fails!

  3. True, True …as I read this and look at my own clothes…everyday black right here….

  4. Blazer, slouchy tee, skinny jeans and flats may just be the perfect “uniform” outfit. It really is a no-fail look. Love the sneakers with it, too.

    Rebecca (hearts)…

  5. love love!

  6. I loved the contrast of the blazer w the shoes n ur hair is flawless

  7. This outfit is absolutely great and adorable! It not only suits you very well, but it`s the perfect mix of basics, chic and elegant items and comfortable things.
    This is actually very similar to my own “uniform” look. I often wear white shirts, and ballerina flats. But otherwise I love how you wear dark wash jeans that are not faded and a blazer with pretty button detailing.
    Just a great, classy look!

  8. simple, cute, and casual! love the sneakers with this outfit. great look!

  9. Oh I love your blazer!! I could live in jeans. I definitely have a few of those go-to outfits that I have to stop myself from over wearing sometimes!

    xox Olivia

  10. hooray for converse! ;)