Fig Mezcal Margarita


The awkward summer/fall straddle that is September. It’s a difficult time for those of us who just want to wear Vince sweater coats and be able to see our breath on a brisk morning walk. Is that too much to ask? But it’s 80 degrees for like two more months, and we aren’t trying to keep wearing white sundresses. The same goes for the drink menu. Summer is all about rosé and margaritas. Fall is for old fashioneds. So WHAT DO WE DRINK IN SEPTEMBER? I made it my mission to figure it out, and I think I made the perfect summer/fall transition cocktail that we can all sip on repeat until a heavier bourbon concoction feels more right (ok it never doesn’t feel right, but work with me). It’s a margarita to help us hang on to the laid back vibes of summer, but with fig, smoked salt and mezcal giving this cocktail a bit more sturdiness to make all our Autumn dreams come true. OK, and can we take a moment for these amazing marble hexagonal coasters and geometric linen tea towels by Savannah Hayes? If they speak to you like they do to me, scroll to the end to see how you can win some of these perfect home goods for yourself!











2 oz mezcal

2 oz fresh lime juice

1/2 oz Chambord

1 fig

1/2 tsp fig jam

lime and fig slices for garnish

Stevia drops (about 6) or simple syrup 1/2 oz (or more if you prefer it sweeter)

Maldon smoked salt for rim

Crush the smoked salt flakes on a plate (larger chunks won’t stick to the glass). Use a lime wedge to wet the rim of the glass, dip in the salt. Add fresh ice to the glass. In a shaker, muddle the fig. Add mezcal, lime juice, Chambord, fig jam, your sweetener of choice, and ice. Shake it up, and strain into glass over the fresh ice. Add a slice of fig and lime wedge for garnish.


Yes! I’ve teamed up with Savannah Hayes to gift one lucky winner some graphic goodness. All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me how you handle the September struggle (or just tell me anything you want to tell me) and you will be entered to win $100 to Savannah Hayes! US only.

Photography by Heather Kincaid


  1. Cinzia 09/13/2016 Reply

    I handle it by eating as many just picked figs as possible…the lack of figs on the tree means summer is OVER!! Also I like black and white graphic shapes, hint hint.

  2. I handle it by taking my beautiful grand baby for walks to the nearest tea shop! She sings for me as we stroll along.

  3. I’m planning a Palm Springs party and this is the perfect cocktail to make! I love, love those Savannah Hayes graphic napkins! Would love to add some to my kitchen (-; Fun post today! xx, Conni

  4. Ashley Estrin 09/13/2016 Reply

    I do beer with shorts and sweaters. Perfect combo for hanging onto summer. Especially for this gloomy LA day today. Can’t wait to try this yummy cocktail!

    1. thelifestyled 10/17/2016

      Hi Ashley! You won this giveaway! E-mail me so I can send you your gift card!

  5. Yes!!! These are GORGEOUS! I ADORE the styling, color and everything else!

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  7. Jessica 09/22/2016 Reply

    I typically still just dress cozy and pretend it’s fall sweating my way through every day! I love me some fall layers!

  8. I handle it by pretending it is the actual start to fall, so I start buying sweaters, and other “fallish” type clothing! I live in Los Angeles, so fall doesn’t exactly exist here… just some fall heat waves! Love your mezcal receipt! Can’t wait to try it!