First Aid

First Aid

Bordelle dress, Tiffany pillbox, Luv AJ turban, Alexandra de Curtis clutch, Charlene McCoy iPhone case, Perpetual Kid bandages, Hervé Léger bathing suit, Best Made first aid kit, Justlena leather cuff bracelet, River Island sandals, BCBG belt

We’ve all done it and immediately wished we could erase the last 10 seconds. I’m talking about taking a clumsy public spill in heels so high we have no business trying to walk in them, not only catching the attention of everyone within a mile radius but also badly hurting ourselves. It’s no fun. But hey, you know what would be fun? If we got to heel our pain with bandages and tools such as these. It’s merely a safety precaution.


  1. Brilliant picks and idea. I’ve taken a stumble, but it’s normally not even because of the height of the heel but because I miss a step or something. I love your site so much!

  2. Insanely beautiful picks. I can totally see my Advil in that Tiffany pillbox.

  3. Those mustache band-aids are too funny!

  4. Great post! Love the iPhone cover and swimsuit.

  5. Love that swimsuit! And yes, I think we’ve all been there.

  6. Such a rad theme idea! Totally original, totally fun.

  7. awesome article great to see this :)