Found! Joan’s Pen Necklace

Those of us who love Mad Men are undoubtedly very familiar with Joan’s pen necklace. If she’s at the office, she’s never without it around her neck in case she might need to make any quick jots. She’s Joan. She’s always prepared, always professional, always perfect – and that’s why we love her.

On my previously mentioned jaunt to Kate Spade, I gasped when I came across a very Joan-like pen necklace in a modern style and I knew it must be mine. Not only can I appreciate the clever functionality, but I’m looking forward to sporting the sure-of-myself Joan mentality it will undoubtedly bestow upon me.




This little wonder is unfortunately not sold on Kate Spade’s website, so you’ll have to “drag” yourself to the nearest Kate boutique to find it. The good news? It retails for an affordable $25, so it won’t break the bank. You’ll have plenty left to have your hair set at the parlor.


  1. Oooh… I love this pen necklace! Stylish yet oh so practical! Thanks for the find, Catherine! Does it come in other colors?

    1. Hi Jeannine! Unfortunately it only comes in the turquoise. But luckily, it pretty much goes with everything. :)

    2. Thanks, Catherine! Turquoise it is, then!

  2. Peggy Hanson 08/27/2010 Reply

    Love the necklace but how much for the dog? Peggy

  3. Eeee! Must have this immediately! So happy to hear it’s only $25. And luckily I’m still in the midst of my turquoise obsession, so this is absolutely perf.

  4. This post absolutely made my day!! I have been stalking this pen necklace since last year (when it sold out almost immediately!) The today I stumbled across this fabulous post only to find out that the beloved pen necklace is back! Thank you thank you and a million times thank you. I don’t live anywhere near a Kate Spade boutique but my sister (who does) is on her way to pick mine up now.

    Oh and I am now a super new fan of your fantastic blog :)

    1. Katie 09/16/2010

      Hi Catherine! Thanks so much for the comment you left on Ooh La La Dujour! So great to hear from you. I just love when bloggers help bloggers don’t you.

      Anyway, many thanks again for the great post. I can hardly wait to wear my pen necklace. Kudos on a super entertaining blog!

      (Oh and I cleaned up all those nasty typos in my post on the necklace…ugh…I was so excited to get that post up but was also doing it at work…so I had to hurry :)

  5. I love Kate Spade, I love Joan, I love Mad Men, and I love The Life Styled. That is all.

  6. domestikatedlife 09/17/2010 Reply

    I bought this for my sister as a birthday present — couldn’t believe what a steal it was!

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