Gazebo Mornings

Gazebo Mornings
Warby Parker glasses, Alexander Wang pullover, Undrest silk shorts (sold out – boo! But here are some similar ones in a pretty honeydew color), Heath Ceramics mug, Catstudio geography pillow, Woolrich moose pillow, West Elm throw, Melissa Harmonic flip flops

I’m happy to be home in Minnesota for the next week to work with clients and spend some overdue quality time with my family. One of my favorite routines at home is waking up in the morning and going straight out to our backyard gazebo for coffee and long chats. I don’t bother changing out of my pajamas (hello, neighbors!) but I always grab a cup of hot coffee on my way out. Small town life is delightfully slower paced than I’m used to, so I love to linger out there for as long as I want, catch up on all my favorite catalogs and trashy mags, and map out the day ahead. We repeat the activity about 8 hours later, only then we have glasses of wine in hand.


  1. So glad you’re home for the week! Love this post!

  2. i want that entire outfit! it’s amazing! and i already have the glasses!

    enjoy your time in MN! i live in minneapolis and i’m guessing it’s as incredibly hot where you are as it is here… may need to make that an iced coffee this time!

    if you are/will be in minneapolis, let me know if you need any recommendations for new places to check out!

    thanks for posting.

  3. Sounds like the perfect way to relax!

  4. Sounds wonderful! Enjoy your trip!

  5. I also hail from the land of 10,000 lakes and no matter where I live, nothing compares to summer in Minnesota. Enjoy!

  6. This outfit is to die for! enjoy your trip!

  7. I didn’t know you where from MN! How fun! I lived in Minneapolis for 12 years before coming to LA. It’s always so much fun to go back and visit! Have a super relaxing trip!

  8. I love that that’s your morning routine at home– I actually just wrote about the importance of the leisurely breakfast on my blog yesterday… I think it really is so nice to be able to start your day like that, just kind of relaxing and reading, sets the tone for the day.

  9. I love these picks, reminds me so much of my happy place. I’ve always wanted a gazebo. I’d love somewhere to just sit, relaxing and reading. That’s where I love to be, any day.

  10. sounds fabulous! I am headed home to my small town in Arkansas… and I have about the same routine, just place gazebo with dock!

  11. Hi! I’m a new reader, but i am loving your blog so far! Been reading daily for a week or so.. keeping it interesting! Love this.. especially the similar shorts you linked to! So cute!!! : )

  12. Sounds like a great trip home-loving everything in this post…comfortable and chic! That Minnesota pillow is too cute. Have a great time with your family!

  13. I was just home at the beach visiting my parents this past weekend and, when visiting, have a veryyy similar morning routine. Coffee and a good book on the porch in the morning and cold wine and appetizers in the evening – nothing can beat it!

  14. That sounds perfectly relaxing! Have a great break!