Go Get It

Go-Get-It-BomberThe Dugout Varsity Bomber by Madewell

There’s something about a varsity jacket in the fall that feels so right. It’s a piece that brings out that crisp football season energy like no other.  Maybe it’s the idea of copping one of the cool letter jackets all the guys wore in high school.  It’s hands down is one of my favorite borrowed-from-the-boys trends, and this jacket by Madewell is unbeatable.  The wool on the outside is super soft and it’s lined with fleece on the inside so it’s extra warm for chilly November nights.  So if you’re searching for a cool jacket that’s totally wearable and easy to throw on on your way out, just go get it already!


  1. There’s something about any jacket for me. I love this pick! Madewell has such beautiful pieces.

    1. thelifestyled 11/14/2014

      I agree! Jacket season is my favorite season for sure. I’m lost without layers!

  2. Great idea! I’m all about the faux leather jackets, blazers, and peacoats, but have yet to add a varsity jacket to the wardrobe. Must remedy that. :)

    1. thelifestyled 11/18/2014

      You must!!