Go Get It

Joan of Arctic boots by Sorel

Snow boots that you actually want to wear aren’t the easiest thing to come by.  In the bitter cold, a lot of times you end up looking like a stuffed sausage in layers of thermal shirts, puffy jackets, and scarves.  To make matters worse, you are made to choose from weird weatherproof footwear that can be painful to buy.  You want shoes that will keep your feet dry and warm but somehow the ones that work the best look like something your mother forced you to wear.  Thankfully, the universe answered our prayers and sent us these Sorel boots that you’ll get excited about wearing.  With a rubber sole and a high shaft, there’s no way any water or coldness are getting into these babies.  Also, with a name like “Joan of Arctic,” you’ll feel like nothing like a little snow can stop you from being queen of the world.  So if you wanna be the conquerer of all drab winter footwear, these are the boots for you.  Go get them!


  1. i have these exact boots and am obsessed! they were a great buy a few years back. so warm and so chic.

  2. Those boots look like they would be easy to clean right now, too! We’ve got a warm spell in Winnipeg, which is SO awesome except that all of the snow is melting and everything is slushy and muddy – it’s driving me crazy to wipe all the slush off my boots and pants every day.

    Very cute choice here!