Hair Talk

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with my hair. When I was young, I grew to appreciate its dark color living in a town/state filled with Scandinavian blonds (I’m Norwegian too but the Syrian part of my heritage gave me the dark locks). The downside to my hair is that it’s the thinnest, finest, most fragile hair I’ve ever seen. It’s stringy, flat, and not-so-Beyonce like. Let’s be clear – we’re talking about my natural hair, and that’s not entirely what you see here. What you see in these photos is probably about 20% my natural hair, and the rest is extensions. I’ve mentioned it before but in the interest of authenticity and full disclosure, I want to make it known – I have had extensions for almost two years. I am in love with what they do for my overall look and confidence, not to mention the ease of styling and making it last for days through various kinds of weather while still looking full and styled. I recently took the plunge for some longer locks and I’m so glad I did. Go big or go home, right?

Up until this recently, I have really been enjoying the ombré blond tipped look for the entire time I’ve had this extra hair. But it was just time for a change. I wanted to go back to my dark brown roots and cool the look down a bit for fall/winter. My natural color is an ash brown, so I didn’t want it to feel red or purple-ish. Just a cool brown. Different lighting situations bring out different tones (here it looks slightly warmer and lighter than it does in person) but I’m thrilled with the color that my stylist Amy at Studio DNA gave me. It’s a semi-permanent color that lets my highlights shine through just a bit and it will naturally fade over time… just in time for Spring when I suspect I’ll be missing the ombré again. But for now my hair feels like it went home. I’m back wearing the cool gray tones and silver jewelry I missed with the warmer hair. Sometimes you just gotta make a change.

American Apparel t-shirt, Bracelets: H&M, J.Crew, Ferragamo, HRH Collection, Nadri earrings
Photos by Ian Sheppard


  1. Extensions, huh? You make me want to give them a try. I have thick fine hair, which is an interesting combo. I have plenty of hair, but it’s all so fine that no matter what I do to it it always falls very flat and bleh. Your hair looks stunning.

  2. your hair looks amazing! love the new color!

    and, i have to say, finding out that extensions are common really helped me to feel better about my own hair! :)

    1. thelifestyled 11/06/2012

      Thanks girl! And that’s exactly why I wanted to make it known that I have extensions. My actual hair is really meh so i love to do some enhancing in that area.

  3. You fooled me! And these photos are awesome.

  4. you are such a fox! love the new color.

  5. Do you use clip-in extensions or do you go to a salon for yours? I have flat hair, so I’d love to maybe try extensions!

    1. thelifestyled 11/06/2012

      They are attached to my hair and have to be readjusted at the salon every 8 weeks or so. I used to have clip-ins but would only bring them out for special glamorous occasions. I highly recommend getting the permanent ones if you are considering it, but clip-ins are still a great alternative if permanent ones are not an option. Try it, you’ll love it!!

  6. I’m loving the new fall locks! You look gorgeous!!!

  7. Oh my you make me want to go back to my natural roots. This is awesome!

  8. Omg, in love with your nails!!! And could you share some tips on how you achieved such photos? Like lighting, set up, background, etc? Thanks dear :) xx

    1. thelifestyled 11/06/2012

      Thank you! My husband took these photos and he has a basic in-home studio setup for shoots like theses. Well, a professional photographer would probably consider it basic but it’s pretty intense to me… 2 lights, 1 umbrella, and a paper backdrop. Kind of like what you see in this behind-the-scenes shot from another shoot we did:
      Except today’s photos were shot on a smaller backdrop that didn’t take up so much space – the paper didn’t even reach the floor. Way less intense than the feather skirt one. Hope that sort of helps? :)

  9. Your hair looks amazing that’s the colour I’m looking to go also, whats the name of the extensions you have as there are so many out there and yours look amazing xxx

  10. OMG! I die every time a post of yours pops up on my Google Reader. You look gorgeous as always! I would LOVE it if you did a post on your Fall/Winter wardrobe…or more outfit posts. They inspire me so much!

  11. Your hair looks gorgeous.
    I didn’t know you’re Norwegian. I know all about Scandinavian fine, flat hair and how challenging that can be.

  12. i really admire you for posting this!

    what salon in LA did you get your permanent extensions put in at?

    Also- do you feel that the permanent extensions do any damage to your already fragile hair that you do have?


  13. First of all, you are stunning! Secondly, those nails!!! Do you just go get them done somewhere? or do you do them yourself. And most importantly, your hair looks amazing. I’m in love with the warm fall tone and I’m so happy you feel confident and happy!

    1. thelifestyled 11/07/2012

      Thank you so much! My nails are acrylics with a gel manicure and the glitter is the “glitter under glass” technique. I get them done by Fiore Beauty, an amazing on-site beauty service in Los Angeles and surrounding ares that offers hair, makeup, nails, and massage. They have the best of the best artists, and they come to your home. Amazing, right?

  14. You have singlehandedly just sold me on extensions! Please, please, share more details- what type of extensions are they? Where in LA do you get them done? Thanks!

  15. you are SO gorgeous!! I want your hair!

  16. Gorg. Stop it!

  17. Even though these are extensions you should do a tutorial on how to get these gorgeous curls (sorry if you’ve already done one I’m new to your blog!)
    Nikki at

  18. you look gorgeous! love your blog xxxx

  19. hi!!
    first of all I have to say that your hair looks great
    I had hair extensions for my wedding, and straight after the wedding I flew to my honeymoon and kept the extensions for a few more days.
    I have to say that even though I really liked the way I looked with them- It was really uncomfortable.
    I felt like they were a bit heavy, it irritated my scalp and even made my head hurt a bit and it was scrathy as well…
    I would really love to know how do you feel with the extensions on all the time. how are the extensions attached to your head? (is it with glew? clip ons?…)
    I would really appreciate your response

    thank you soooo much!
    you have a wonderful blog