Holiday Style: Cozy Up in Fur

Fire energy makes a big statement through animal-like materials, and what accessory could possibly be more fun for the holidays than cozy fur?  Not only is it timelessly chic, but it provides some much needed warmth in the winter months. I’m happy to report that faux fur is looking better and better these days, and guilt free! Here are my picks for you, whatever element your essence may be – none of which cost more than $200. Can’t beat that!

Earth Fur Picks
Water Fur Picks
Metal Fur Picks

See something you love that’s not in your “essence group”? Don’t fret – go for it! Fashion Feng Shui is never meant to restrict you, only guide you and give you ideas!


  1. Rachel Cannon Humiston 12/08/2009 Reply

    I have never been one for fur (faux or real), but you totally have me coveting all of these collections! Especially the Earth coat…Oh Santa please bring these to me!!

  2. Natasha 12/08/2009 Reply

    Humans wearing fur usually makes me want to vomit in my mouth (ok, most of those fire selections still give me vom chills) but some of the other elemental picks are kind of fab… especially earth & water. I may be coming around to faux fur in small, teensy doses.Baby steps.

  3. Catherine 12/09/2009 Reply

    A little note/disclaimer: Fur is a tough one for most people. Even the firey-est of fires get a little freaked by it. The key is moderation. A little faux fur trim on a coat is all you need to incorporate the intention. If you're gutsier, try the full on coat or vest (I'm trying to work up to the vest – love the Rachel Zoe for QVC oversized faux fur one)! This post was meant to show different ways to have fun with it, and in no way am I trying to advocate for everyone to go out and buy a real mink coat! Faux is the way to go. But hey – if you have your Grandmother's fur stole from the 1940's, I'm certainly not one to stop you from rocking it!