Hunt & Gather

It’s true – Minnesota does have its fair share of sprawling cornfields and cow herds, but that’s not all it’s known for. There are some real one-of-a-kind shopping gems in these parts. One of my favorite places to hit up when I’m in town is Hunt & Gather, an eclectic antique store in south Minneapolis that is well stocked with more over-the-top quirky finds than you could ever imagine. I have been known to spend hours browsing each and every corner of this place – 25 booths to be exact – for cool statement items that would jazz up any room in the house. On my visit this weekend, I scored some clever stemmed glasses for the bar cart at $4 a piece. Who needs an early morning flea market when you can spend all your summer days here?



  1. so awesome!

  2. This place looks so fun!!

  3. i went to hunt and gather this weekend too! it is one of my favorite places to visit when i just want to wander! so glad you are sharing it.

    i hope you had a great time in MSP! again, so excited i got to meet you on friday! too bad i missed you at H&G!

  4. Oh I would love one of those huge colorful letters in my house!!!! So jealous.

  5. Oh! I’ve always wanted to stop in there but wasn’t sure what it was all about. It’s now on my must do list for this weekend! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I want to go there! It looks so fun & quirky!


  7. lovely pics .. antique shopping is the best
    you find so many unique items.


  8. I could spend hours in here, I love all of the giant letters! Thanks for sharing xo

  9. WHAT?? I had no idea you were here last weekend! I was at Hunt & Gather myself either last weekend or the week before, can’t remember anymore. But I certainly love this place like no other! Glad you could blog about it. :) xx.

  10. I adore Hunt & Gather!! We recently moved to San Diego from Minneapolis and I will definitely miss visiting that store every summer!

  11. Now THAT looks like a fun store! We just started something similar in Morris, IL, near Chicago — our biz is called True North. But any-hoo, my stepdaughter + family live in Minneapolis, so I’ll no doubt visiting Hunt + Gather in person some day!

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