HyunA Style

I have a new girl crush. She was brought to my attention in the most unlikely of places – Psy’s second Gangnam Style (if you don’t know what that is, please click here) spinoff music video feat. Korean pop singer HyunA. I cannot stop watching this version and I don’t know why or whether I should be embarrassed. But I do know that I want her sleek black and white eye makeup and nails, crystal cheek embellishments, and silver wedge sneakers (you haven’t heard the last about those from me so stay tuned). What do you think? Am I crazy or is she totally captivating? More importantly, where can I get that crystal encrusted chair?

 Hyuna Style

Nail art crystals, Essie Licorice, Alice + Oliva top (sold out), Thakoon skirt, Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, Shu Uemura white eye pencil, B Brian Atwood heels (sold out), Isabel Marant wedge sneakers (sold out in silver but available in gold)
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  1. she is pretty awesome! i loved the cheek crystals when i saw that video.

    did you get the silver marants?!

    1. thelifestyled 10/02/2012

      I know, right?? I did not get the silver Marants but I am obsessed with the hidden wedge sneakers and plan to get one of the more affordable options. Look out for a blog post on it! :)

    2. you will love them! i got some grey felt/hunter green leather 7FAM wedge sneakers last year and loved them! but for sure got some weird looks here in minneapolis:)


    1. thelifestyled 10/02/2012

      Haha!!! I think you are right. ;)

  3. OMG I love Hyuna! Have you heard Bubble Pop? That was my song of summer last year (and is still my ringtone haha).

  4. I want her Silver Heels, Can’t find them though, lol. Looks fantastic in this video, crazy about her makeup and hair!

  5. The white and silver outfit she is wearing in her version of Gangnam style, is actually a long white see-through top that goes over her white shorts and a separate silver top to cover the see-through top’s chest area. You can see the top part of the white top sticking out of the silver top and going over her shoulders. So there is NO white skirt as shown above. Now I am going crazy trying to find this gorgeous white see-through top. please tell me where I can get the exact one, even if it is an expensive brand, I don’t care, i want it bad! Please, please help. I beg you.