I’m Off

Ready or not, it’s time round up the bags and head for the airport! This afternoon I’ll board the flight to London (looking forward to Virgin Atlantic’s pretty cabins, saucy attitude, and on-call cocktails) and won’t be back until after Memorial Day. Don’t worry, you’ll still be hearing from me in the meantime – just a bit more sporadically. Ta ta for now!
1. Bobbi Brown Touch-up Stick, 2. Alexander McQueen Scarf, 3. Jane Iredale Blotting tissues, 4. RayBan Sunnies5. YSL Carry-on bag

Photos: 1, 2 


  1. OMG, these pics depict perfectly your attitude. Have a wonderful fabulous time. Post lots of photos for us. xx’s

  2. Nicole 05/18/2011 Reply

    See you on the other side of the pond :o) Have a great flight!!! xoxo

  3. Have a wonderful trip and we can’t wait to hear about all the stylish things you do!!