Jaunting: Versailles

I might never leave Paris. Yesterday I sipped bordeaux and ate macaroons on the lawn of the Louvre, then browsed the saddles at Hermes and eavesdropped on ladies paging through leather swatches for their custom Birkins. Tomorrow, I’ll have a taste of Marie Antoinette’s lifestyle at Versailles. {Sigh}. I’ll never be without inspiration as long as I have the memories of this trip, and undoubtably future trips to come.



  1. I would find it hard to leave Paris, too. If I had a good bit of money saved up, even after visiting, I would be seriously tempted to stay and try to make a life there, lol. Glad you’re having a great time! You just reminded me that I wanted to see Coppola’s film. Thanks! :D

    1. I want to see the film too! Might have to rent it from iTunes for the plane ride home. :)

  2. i am SO glad you went to versailles! girls night soon. xo