Kate Spade Hearts Fashion Feng Shui And Doesn’t Even Know It

Whenever I’m paying for something at one of my fave stores and the salesperson asks for my e-mail address, I always politely decline. I don’t need more subscriptions clogging the old Hotmail account I started in 1999, let alone more perfectly styled, cutely designed HTML messages taunting me to buy things on a daily basis. But last time I was at Kate Spade, I was feeling inspired by their adorable aesthetic and handed the girl my card. I’m happy I did, because last week the most inspiring little parcel arrived in the mail for me. Kate’s new promotional materials for their new fall bags are worth sharing (even framing, according to Jaimi). Plus – whether or not they intended to do it, each card totally represents a different Fashion Feng Shui personality.

{ fire }


{ water }


{ wood }


{ metal }


{ earth }


  1. eeee I want all of the earth stuff – from the purple bag to the yellow coat to the lime socks! They even nailed it with the cupcake!!

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  3. I love all the beautiful color blocking in this shoot!

  4. How gorgeous are these images?! Lovely post. Kate’s bags are always fantastic. I love the purple bag. Just about big enough for me to squeeze my whole life into it too..! Your blog is great, I am your newest follower :) City Girl x