Little Delights

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Macs in gray and black – perfect go-to bags for whatever neutral accent the outfit calls for.
Adorable Fifi Lapin phone cases c/o Iconemesis (cupcake, teacup)
Favorite new makeup goodies: NARS American Dream eyeshadow palette, Giorgio Armani blush in #10 (I’m completely in love!) and Eyes to Kill mascara, NARS eyeshadow pencil in Goddess and lipgloss in Turkish Delight, Chanel lipgloss in Sweet Beige #297 – the most perfect nude gloss from the fall collection (it’s serious – I need to buy a backup)
The cutest mint green camera watercolor print from my mom – for Ian’s new desk setup.

Enjoy all the little delights of your weekend!



  1. love the cases

  2. Love those phone cases! Did your mom paint that camera? Very pretty. Thanks for sharing!

    1. thelifestyled 08/17/2012

      I love them too! My mom didn’t paint it herself but that would be awesome! ;)

  3. Once again an amazing blogpost! I have a few questions and i was hoping you’d help me out!!! First off what did you put the phone cases on to get the white background?! also, what camera and lens do you use? please let me know when you get a chance thanks

    1. thelifestyled 08/17/2012

      Hi there! The white background is just the white desk and the makeup tray is on a white credenza. Ian uses a Canon Rebel T2i and he has a few lenses that he uses (all Canon): a 50mm 1.8, a 85mm 1.8, and a 17-40 F4L.

    2. thelifestyled 08/17/2012

      I should also mention that most of the magic for the photos happens in Photoshop afterwards! The nice colors and shading don’t come out of the camera looking like that. Ian is so sweet to spend lots of time making the photos look nice in Photoshop. :)

  4. This is such a sweet blog
    I have nominated you for a blog award

  5. I love the camera! you have a really cool blog!

  6. love the phone cases and bags! thanks for sharing.