Must Have Right Now: Winter Shorts

This fall has brought us many covetable trends – strong shoulders that make you feel like a superhero, long sleeved mini dresses, slouchy hats to save you from yet another 30-minute blowout, and sequins sequins SEQUINS! All of these items are must haves in my book, but there’s one that really makes my heart skip a beat when I think of all the fabulous day and night outfits it can bring to the table: I am LOVING winter shorts! Sometimes our skinny jeans just don’t call our name – especially the day after Thanksgiving. Luckily, winter shorts can be worn for everything from a casual day of errands, to a swanky night out with girlfriends. Here are some of my favorite ways to rock this trend.

Black Friday

A Day in the City

November Weekend

A Night Out

Even though I used different shorts for each of these outfits, you can achieve all of these looks with one good pair. Aside from the ones I used here, J. Crew also has a few different options. Just stock up on some fun new tights, and you’ve got countless ways to wear em! I’m going for personalized initial tights by the Twin Cities based design duo, Calpurnia Peach. Love!


  1. hauteapplepie 11/21/2009 Reply

    I just bought a pair for $17! I couldn't pass them up so now I'm going to source your ideas to find reasons to wear them :)- K

  2. If you had told me, upon reading this blog title, that I would be wearing winter shorts within one week, I would have said you're dreaming… but, I coincidentally bought one of the pairs you feature here, and I LOVE them! I just need more ideas for tops to go with them. I'm thinking a gray turtleneck with a funky necklace?

  3. Catherine 11/30/2009 Reply

    Thanks for your comments, girls! I'd love to see how you're wearing them! Grace, the challenge with the black high waisted Anthro shorts is making sure they don't add pounds (as high waisted wool shorts have a tendency to do). What I do is tuck all kinds of tops into them – American Apparel V-neck tri-blend t-shirts, collared preppy shirts (great for work!), or looser fitting casual shirts not tucked in. If you're not tucking a shirt into them, make sure that whatever you are wearing over them is something that hides the bulk of the shorts underneath. I love your idea of a sweater and fun necklace. And have fun with tights, flats, boots, and heels!