New Classic Fall

These images from one of Shopbop’s Fall lookbooks are the perfect hodge podge of all the things I love about this season: oversized sweaters, hot coffee to go, leather (mmm leather), and an overall “studious chic” style. It’s fun when the classics are redelivered in a way that make us see them from a fresh angle, and get inspired in new ways. I’m beginning to think that every girl needs a pair of smarty pants glasses and some leather leggings (or the more affordable coated jeans).

Images: Shopbop



  1. Loving these looks! I’m saving these in my inspiration files :)

  2. These looks are so great! Totally agree with you about the glasses & leather leggings–so chic!

  3. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Now if I could only find the perfect pair of leather leggings….

  4. Gosh — those are beautiful!! Really love the 2nd one.
    – Carrie

  5. “hot coffee to go,” timeless!