Flare on Flare

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I don’t know about you, but I’m so thrilled to see that the low waisted skinny jean trend seems to have subsided. It was starting to get uncomfortable, and certainly wasn’t doing the crop top trend any favors. I feel so much more comfortable in high waisted denim, and am loving the feeling of pitching anything […]

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5 Minute Face

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One of the things I definitely noticed change a lot after having Sailor was how much time I have in the morning to get myself ready for the day. I used to be able to leisurely do my shower, makeup, and hair, sipping coffee and hanging out in my robe. That doesn’t mean I always […]

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Superwoman Green Smoothie

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A few years ago I realized I needed to put more intention behind what I consumed. I would catch myself going entire days without eating anything green or drinking more than one glass of water and I could really feel it. I hired my friend, neighbor, and hiking buddy Caley who is an AMAZING yoga guru/nutritionist […]

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