Royally Gorgeous

Yeah, we can’t escape the obsession either. I mean, every girl’s fantasy is about to come to life before our very eyes! We’re still awaiting our invitation (it must have gotten lost in the mail?), but we’ll certainly be sipping some English breakfast and donning our favorite hats for the occasion.



Images from Pinterest and Zetter Townhouse


  1. Haha, I’m loving the shoes and the sofa! But I doubt Kate will be swinging in Westminster Abbey like that. Although, it might be fun if the two of them recreate all of out favorite party with Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. But I’m counting the hours, too ^^ My Kate Middleton Fashion Week is dunzo (but still open for participation! :-) ) but I couldn’t resist having another special tonight on my blog.

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  2. Please fill me in on where you found that adorable Keep Calm & Drink Tea poster!

    1. peggy 04/29/2011

      Yes, where can we find the Drink Tea poster?

  3. So what is it like being married to a Brit andway??

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