Salty Basil Dog

The Greyhound has always been my go-to drink order when I find myself at an establishment that has the most basic kind of bar setup. Its two simple ingredients (vodka and grapefruit) go together in a way that’s not too sweet or fruity tasting and about as complex as you can get in certain circumstances. Sometimes I’ll even do a vodka soda with a splash of grapefruit for just a tiny bit of flavor and the pretty light pink color (duh). But making this drink at my own bar allows me to be a bit more creative. I like to add a few extra steps and ingredients that really bring this cocktail to another level, turning it into something I like to call the Salty Basil Dog.


4 oz grapefruit juice (fresh squeezed if you can but a good pre-bottled one like Simply Grapefruit is a close second)
1 oz vodka
1 teaspoon simple syrup
Fresh basil
Sea salt

On a small plate, mix some sugar with a pinch of salt. The proportions are purely personal preference. I like just a bit of salt but mostly sugar. Moisten the rim of a lowball glass with grapefruit and dip the rim in the sugar/salt mixture. In a shaker, put about four ice cubes, the grapefruit juice, vodka, simple syrup, a few basil leaves, and a pinch of salt. Shake, pour, and garnish with one more basil leaf.

Done and done. This is close to beating the Moscow Mule as my favorite drink to make at home.

Photos by Ian Sheppard
Cocktail modeling by Emmy Lou Sheppard


  1. Aww your doggie is so cute .. Your drink creation
    sounds delicious .. Would be a perfect treat during


  2. Most adorable post ever.

  3. Looks DELISH. Emmy likes a nice strong cocktail after a hard days work. She told me so.

  4. Bookmarking this for February! Side note: I want to eat her up, she is so darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Doll can you please give me photography lessons – these pics are gorge. And making me thirsty!! Miss you :)

    1. thelifestyled 09/19/2012

      Thanks girl! But it’s all Ian. I’m pathetic and don’t even know how to work the camera. So we can learn together! :)

  6. Forget the drink who is that cutie patotie : )

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  7. I am coming over for this drink and some puppie love!

  8. Love the addition of basil to this classic cocktail!

    PS Your dog is too cute for words!

  9. i had this version of a salty dog at a great bar in corona del mar! only thing is salty dogs are made with gin

    1. thelifestyled 09/21/2012

      oooh i bet that was a good cocktail! actually salty dogs are made with vodka OR gin. i typically pick vodka when it can go either way but i’ll have to try it with gin next time!

  10. Ok, this looks positively scrummy! Thank you for the new drink inspiration (I currently default to pear vodka, elderflower cordial, San Pellegrino and fresh mint so will try this one this weekend).

    P.S. Your doggie is a complete babe (as are you)

    Briony xx

  11. That sounds delicious – I love grapefruit! Can’t wait to give this a try this weekend. Thanks for posting.

  12. so simple and delicious!

    My brother owns a little bar here in Montevideo, so I will definitely give him the tip!

    adorable blog :)

  13. I am hesitant to try grapefruit flavored vodka such as Absolut’s Ruby Red. Have you tried any?

  14. Adorable dog and I love your recipe!

    I am very new to blogging and I am trying to expand my blog circle. If you like, I would love for you to follow me :) Thank you
    Have a lovely day.


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