Sazerac Sour

I’ve always been intrigued by absinthe. Maybe the hallucinogenic controversy sparked my curiosity, or perhaps I was just enticed by Kylie Minogue’s beckoning voice in Moulin Rouge. More recently, this interesting video from the Obsessives series about the St. George absinthe gave me a new found respect for the spirit. When I was in London last year, our hotel had the most delicious cocktails made with absinthe and now on the rare occasions that I sip it, I think back to late nights in that quaint, dim lobby bar. Even with its black licorice-y taste, when absinthe is mixed with the right sidekicks, yummy flavors ensue making the perfect digestif with a side of scandal. I modified this cocktail from one I found in Absinthe Cocktails, a great recipe book for your bar cart if you like the green fairy as much as I do.

You’ll need:

Whiskey to coat the glass

1 oz absinthe + a few extra drops for good measure

3/4 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice (that’s about one large lemon)

3/4 oz simple syrup (this ingredient is very important, don’t try to replace it with agave nectar or anything)

1 egg white

3 dashes bitters

In a stemmed glass, coat the inside with just enough whiskey to cover the surface and pour out the excess. In a shaker, combine the remaining ingredients and shake without ice first so the egg white will blend.

Add ice and shake until it’s nice and chilled. Strain into the glass and twist a lemon peel over the drink as garnish. Dash the bitters on top and stir it in a bit.

Sip leisurely and discuss your darkest thoughts with an artsy friend.


  1. LOVE this post! I need to try this drink soon :).

  2. I’ve tried absinthe but never as a cocktail which I think would make it taste better mixed. Your photos fo r this post look so pretty.

  3. I LOVED Kylie as the green fairy!!! I saw an interview with Baz Luhrman once where he said that she had everyone in stitches during filming because after being in the flying-trapeze-harness-thingy for hours upon end, she loudly proclaimed to all the room that she definitely thought her hymen was broken !!!?!!

    Also, will definitely have to try an absinthe cocktail sometime. Although I fear it may result in me getting a leeeetle messy!

  4. I’ve always been a little nervous about absinthe, but I think I will try this cocktail sometime.

    P.S. I love your cocktail shaker!

  5. i need to try this. i love your photos too.