Ever since I was young, I wanted glasses. I kept hoping for a less than perfect eye exam so I could pick out a cute pair. That never happened but I’m thrilled that these days it’s perfectly acceptable to wear specs for fashion purposes. With such adorable frames out there, how can you not? Whether you need them to see clearly or to give you a new persona, everyone should have great pair or two. So needless to say I was super excited to team up with IFB and Lookmatic alongside some other great bloggers on their See the World campaign. I picked out the Shelby – a catlike style that gives my look a touch of retro sass which I gotta say I am loving.

I love that being a part of the See the World campaign gave me the opportunity to stop and think about how I see the world. It’s hard to think about things on such a large scale sometimes as we get so caught up in our little bubbles and forget to look at the bigger picture. I see the world as a place that holds me up and helps me work towards being the best person I can be. The world around me challenges me, surprises me, pushes me, and impresses me everyday. It’s a place to experiment – keep trying different things until I get it right, always learning something new from my experiences along the way. It’s perfectly imperfect, and that’s what keeps life so entertaining. Today, the world is a place where I get to wear cat eye glasses, and I’m definitely cool with that.

Lookmatic Shelby glasses (c/0), Zara blazer, H&M dress, Rebecca Minkoff bag, vintage belt, House of Harlow ring (c/o Swell), Maya Brenner necklace (c/o), Sam Edelman shoes
Photos by Ian Sheppard
Sponsored by Lookmatic


  1. SASSY!

  2. You look AMAZING as always! Very Zooey Deschanel and I like it :) xoxo

  3. Well, you’re pretty adorable.

    Saw you re-tweeted on twitter, and I’ve always described my blog as a “styled life” blog… so clearly you resonated with me.

    Very professionally done, good work.

  4. Oh yeah! Im loving the leopard, the color, and the glasses! You look pret-tay! I see the world as a place where Catherine blends her eyeshadow oh-so-well. Amazing.

  5. This outfit is wonderful. I love the glasses! and your makeup looks lovely.

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  7. I’m fairly embarrassed to say that although I’m really very blind, I don’t wear my glasses unless they suit my outfit (how crazy is that?!) even though I have a really cute pair from Warby Parker. As such, I’m now fairly used to things being pretty blurry at a distance, but I actually sort of like it; it’s like I have my very own permanent soft-focus filter of the world.

    P.S. You are SOO adorable with glasses!!

    Briony xx