Fashion Feng Shui

THE RIGHT FIRST IMPRESSION Who says fashion is a guilty pleasure? Your wardrobe can actually change your life in big ways. Using nature’s five elements – Water, Wood, Earth, Fire, and Metal, Fashion Feng Shui gives you all the tools you need to honor your authentic self through what you wear in your daily life. In your consultation you will gain an understanding of yourself that you never had before, and find the perfect inspiration for your personal style. Catherine will then take to your closet to assess what you have and make a wish list for future shopping trips. When all is said and done, you will be left with a clearer vision for all your future fashion choices, and the right tools to help you never make another shopping mistake again.


1 /  1.5-hour in-home, sit-down consultation with Catherine to identify your essence, intentions, and features using the five elements of Fashion Feng Shui.
2 /  30-min assessment of your wardrobe to apply what we’ve learned to your actual clothing.
3 /  Shopping list of must-have pieces to get you started with your new style goals based on your Fashion Feng Shui elements.
4 /  Elemental Design Portfolio – reference cards detailing everything we discussed, so you’ll always have the key information at your fingertips.



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