Summer Set / Road Trip

Road-Trip The Life Styled

1. sweatshirt / 2. water bottle / 3. hat / 4. sunglasses / 5. sneakers / 6. bracelet / 7. camera / 8. backpack / 9. face wipes / 10. pen / 11. notebook / 12. compass / 13. shorts / 14. top / 15. charger / 16. facial spray / 17. snacks

How does summer always seem to fly by? But there is still time for at least one adventure: road trip! It doesn’t have to be a cross country excursion. Maybe it’s just a drive up the coast. Pick a weekend to wake up early and get on the road. Before you put the car in drive, you’re going to want to have all the necessities. I’ve rounded up all the goodies I’d need for a road trip, complete with a polaroid camera, a comfy sweatshirt, an extra charger (so you can snapchat without killing your battery), and of course… healthy snacks. Only one question remains: where to?