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IKEA Table Runner Hack

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I’m all about those IKEA finds you don’t expect to get when you go there for other stuff (this is clearly how most of my shopping happens in general), and these Marknad flax linen table runners are definitely in that category. For $5.99, it’s the perfect soft neutral color and a nice quality fabric. But then […]

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No Brainer White Dress

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Is it just me or do clothes at Target register as free in your brain? I mean, if we go there for something respectable like laundry detergent or paper towels, if a cute dress manages to make its way into your cart, it’s not like you went shopping for clothes like a terrible person would. […]

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Serrano Watermelon Margarita

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No matter how hard I try to tackle my daily To Do list, there are always at least two or three things that didn’t quite make it to being crossed off.  But how good does it feel when you can actually look at your list at the end of the day and say you did everything […]

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Blush + Bamboo


Last week felt like a whole bunch of weeks piled into one with all of my current projects reaching their peaks at the same time. I hosted my second Fashion Feng Shui workshop on Saturday which I’m still on a high from, and Sunday we spent Fathers Day swimming, grilling, sipping piña coladas (Ian’s request) and […]

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Tuck Hotel

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Often times when people ask me about good hotels to stay at in LA, I kind of draw a blank. As a local, I always hear the names of places and have been in the lobby bar of a few of them, but how many hotels have I actually seen a room in? Probably about […]

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Martinis With Pharmacie

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I’ve always had a thing for crafted cocktails and have tried my hand at many over the years. But I have so much respect for the true professionals who not only know the classics like the back of their hands but can come up with new concoctions that are geniusly experimental yet extremely palatable. Talmadge Lowe […]

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Nail Call

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Sometimes the right nude is all you need. I love when I am able to find one that’s not your typical “Bubble Bath” light sheer blush, but rather an opaque mauvey nude that feels more current. It goes with everything yet feels edgy and chic. These shades are harder to find than one might think […]

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What’s In Sailor’s Backpack

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Much like a lot of aspects of motherhood, once the newness of the baby stage wore off, I kinda just coasted with the routine of what I carried around when leaving the house with Sailor. At first, I put a lot of thought into what went in her diaper bag. Though in the infant stage, […]

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