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Applying False Lashes

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It’s safe to say that I’m no beauty expert, but I certainly have spent a larger percentage of my adulthood than I care to admit obsessing over it. Not in an unhealthy way, but just because I enjoy it. It’s fun being a girly girl sometimes. I remember when I first started wearing false lashes. […]

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Tart Cherry Gin Fizz

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A few weeks ago I was having dinner at my friend Jaimi‘s house and she served a delicious cocktail using cherry juice. I love cherries just as much as anyone but never think to use them in a cocktail! This got me thinking, wouldn’t cherry make the perfect accent to gin, and while we’re at […]

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Leopard Comeback

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Leopard is totally having a comeback. Rewind to 2010 when it seemed like leopard print was all I ever wore, but then I hit a wall with it (no pun intended) and just couldn’t wear it for awhile. Lately, it’s back in the spotlight where it belongs and I’m not mad about it. Only this […]

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Fashion Feng Shui Workshop

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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of finally getting to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time: host my first official Fashion Feng Shui workshop! This was in the works since last fall, and my number #1 To Do list item for 2017. I’ve been working with clients one-on-one […]

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Nail Call

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It’s probably an understatement that I’m a bit obsessed with nails. For years I’ve been getting mine done every other week come hell or high water. It’s a simple pleasure for sure, but it’s a personal treat that I look forward to every time. I love an opportunity to choose a little accent that reflects the season, my […]

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Finding Motivation

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I’ve been in a bit of a pickle since the beginning of 2017. See, I was SO READY to take on the next Tone It Up fitness challenge after a whirlwind few months (moving into our house and the holidays). I talked about it on social media, bought some new fitness gear, and stocked my […]

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Well guys, this is it. Our last of the five Fashion Feng Shui elements! I saved the best for last because, as my own essence, this one is near and dear to me. I’m talking about METAL. I’ve always been one, but never was able to quite put these traits into words until I learned about […]

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Today we’re talking about the fourth element of Fashion Feng Shui: EARTH. It’s funny because this is the element I have always felt I’m the furthest away from, but in prepping these posts I realized how much I’ve connected with it the past year or so. It’s healthy to have a balance of the elements […]

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My Skincare Routine

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There’s no getting around it – I’m kind of skincare obsessed. It started when I was in college and decided to take Accutane for my persistent acne. After I was done with it, the acne was gone, but my skin’s journey was only beginning. I was left with pretty bad eczema and incredibly dry, tight, […]

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