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The Perfect Crop

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I held back for so long from jumping on the crop top bandwagon. Here’s what I don’t like: having to buy certain pieces specifically to wear with other pieces that have a list of requirements in order to wear them. I like it when everything in the closet kind of effortlessly works together and mixes […]

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On the Frontier

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My happiest fashion moments are when clothes make me feel like I’m stepping into another place and/time while still feeling fresh and current. It’s like a subtle alter ego, without being a costume. There are certain vibes I’m always excited to embrace, but since we moved to our new hood, my style has been shifting a […]

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The Art of the List

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If you’re a metal like me, chances are you LOVE to make lists. There’s something so satisfying about sorting through all your thoughts, writing each one down as you go, and coming out of your thinking sesh with a clearcut plan of what needs to happen. Lists are what make my world go round. Whether […]

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Moto Vest

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No matter where you live, there is always that awkward moment between seasons where you can’t decide if you should be keeping your bomber on hand or busting out the cutoff shorts. Some days it’s 90 degrees and I’m like “OK let’s do this summer!” But then the next week it’s cold again and the heat kicks […]

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Nail Call

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One thing I love about nail art is how it allows me to keep within my usual color scheme without being repetitive. One can only alternate between plain nude, white, and black so many times. This geometric design caters to my love for black and white, matches with everything I wear, and is a definite […]

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Hunt for the Best T-Shirts


Sometimes the most overlooked wardrobe projects that need to be tackled are the ones that are staring us in the face. Take the t-shirt collection. I don’t know about you, but t-shirts are the #1 thing I reach for on a day-to-day basis. Since I work from home while also managing a toddler, I only […]

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The Perfect Summer Dress

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I used to not be a summer person, let alone a frolic in the fields person. However, having just moved to an even more scorching part of town, I’m just now starting to gear up and get ready to be a person who enjoys hot temps and sunshine, and I’m actually excited about it. I’m […]

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Sailor’s Nursery In The New House

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The last time I featured Sailor’s nursery was when she was a newborn, and we had just finished decorating it in our West Hollywood apartment. A lot has changed since then. We moved into our house in the suburbs and she’s now almost a year and a half old. The space we have to work […]

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Spring Workout Wear

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// // As a person who has a hard time making working out a lifestyle (you guys know), I can definitely say that mid to late spring is the time when it starts to feel like the season is on my side. Knowing that summer is right around the corner, when low back dresses, cutoff shorts, and […]

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