The Etsy Elite

Etsy-Elite-7Row 1:  Layered + Long necklace / La Fabrique a Lettres design / Little Flower Soap Co. bath set / Row 2: Kate Zaremba Company wallpaper / Lee Coren make-up bag / Seedling Plantation serving bowl / Row 3: The Object Enthusiast ring dish / Gray December measuring cups / Tocamade ear pin

Layered + Long – A simple, stylish jewelry shop that offers customization for special gifts

La Fabrique a Lettres – Letters and figures made of fencing materials from France

Little Flower Soap Co – All natural soaps, lip balms, bath salts, and more, made with only the highest quality ingredients

Kate Zaremba – Prints and papers made from original designs from this DC based artist

Lee Coren – Escapism inspired fabric prints made into everyday usable pieces

Seedling Plantation – A collection of vintage pieces that put an emphasis on pretty

The Object Enthusiast –  Handmade dishes, potters, and other ceramics with a golden touch

Gray December – Hand painted pottery for the quirky ones

Tocamade – Modern and delicate jewelry from Spain




  1. i’ve been on the hunt for wallpaper and am so glad to see there is some on etsy! can’t wait to dig into that shop. love these picks;)

  2. Check out this shop. I think you’d really like some of the handbags:

  3. Beautiful collection and such a chic and stylish blog! LOVE! Thanks for the feature above!