The One That Got Away

I wish I understood why this Burberry Prorsum spiked biker jacket from Spring 2011 never became mine while it had the chance. I would have given it a nice home. I would have loved and cared for it like no other. I would have worn it to Starbucks. To the juicery. To Whole Foods. To the dentist… and no one would have messed with me ever again.

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  1. Jessica 09/16/2011 Reply

    All Saints has a very similar jacket… I think it’s slightly less than let’s say the Balmain or Burberry version. But I was totally saying to my mum the other day that I should just buy a plain one and bedazzle it myself. Let’s craft!

  2. You and me both – I’ve been more than slightly obsessed with the Burberry one!

  3. […] to sit in on a Burberry Prorsum show since they continuously blow my mind every time (see here and here). Unfortunately this season isn’t that season for me, but if it were, these are the things I […]