Treasure Hunt

After 2.5 years of living in LA, I had still never been to the Rose Bowl flea market. Despite hearing countless stories of its glory from friends, the stars had never aligned for me to make the trek to Pasadena on an early 2nd Sunday morning. But today was the day. I dragged my husband out of bed and after a quick stop for Kona coffee and cash, we were browsing for treasures by 8am. We scored some great finds, sadly left some behind, and we can’t wait to get back there next month.

This beauty showed up at the very end when we decided to do one more aisle for good measure before we were tuckered out. It was a miracle find, since I’ve been looking for the right dress form for a couple of years and expected to pay $200 for a pretty one. She was a steal at $75 and makes the perfect addition to the office.

The base is my favorite part. I love the industrial feel, but with a touch of femininity in the curves.

I’ve been looking to build up a wrist full of hard cuffs in mixed metals and these two are sending me on my way.

Spools of vintage grosgrain ribbon. 3 for $10.

The hubby’s trusty new tripod. It expands to 4 feet tall and looks cute too. $15.

This distressed ladder adds some structure to the corner. It was $20 and attracted some “where did you find that?” inquiries from other market wanderers. Wish we could have brought home the extra tall one too, but didn’t know how to fit it in the car.

These old mason jars came from two different stands and look perfect in our aqua bathroom. They have officially sparked an aqua  jar obsession which will be acted upon on our next trip.

An antique Chinese rice measurer that (for now) acts as a place to throw our keys.

On the list for next month:

– Beverage cart to for entertaining

– A set of Mad Men inspired glasses to sit on said beverage cart

– A variety of tiny aqua jars to line the bathroom windowsill






  1. The mannequin looks to be very well made, what a find! In fact, all of your things are wonderful, even the aqua mason jars, so cute. Only makes me wish, now, that I lived closer! My ex & his lovely wife of 20 years live in Pasadena just down the road from the Rose Bowl; maybe I should send them over. xx’s Marsha

  2. Boy oh boy did you score! The dress form is amazing and I want a ladder just like that to hang throw blankets or magazines from! I want to go to the Rose Bowl!

  3. What Great Finds ! I have hit the flea markets down here but have yet to venture up to the Rose Bowl and now I am convinced I need to go!

  4. Whoa baby, I want to go! Will your new girlfriend keep me awake at night? New lampshade too! cool


  5. Wow great finds all of them. Good for you for making it out there, I know people who have lived here for decades and never even heard of it. Have you been to the one in Long Beach yet? Add it to your list, it’s smaller and the prices are cheaper but the stuff is worth the drive.


  6. Nicole 03/14/2011 Reply

    Oh. My. God. I need to go to this flea market!!! By the way, I’m noticing little details in the apartment that I haven’t seen (since I haven’t been there in a million years)… it looks great!!!!

  7. Nice job… not too shabby for a first timer. It was so nice meeting you there.

  8. Wonderful treasures! I was at the Rose Bowl Flea Market yesterday as well. It is one of my favorite places. You are always guaranteed to find something fabulous! Hope to see you next time! xo Samantha

  9. Sophie 03/14/2011 Reply

    Oh I love these all so much! You and Ian are true treasure hunters! Love the additions to your already adorable apt.!<3

  10. So fun … I LOVE a good treasure hunt! You’re right, the base of that chair IS fab … and I love your “new old” ladder! Thanks for sharing your scores!

  11. Ooh, I was at the flea market this past Sunday too. Love your finds. I scored a fabulous mirror and an art decor necklace.

  12. Love your finds! Puts me in the flea market mood.

  13. Wonderful work at treasure excavation! All very beautiful and practical…I would love to go exploring with you anytime!

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